“Such Persecution Is Absolutely Unacceptable”

Camden is located at about 80 km west of Sydney and is a very quiet and beautiful
city. On May 4, three practitioners met Mayor Addison, after clarifying the truth
at city hall and making an appointment two weeks earlier.

During the meeting,
practitioners first told the Mayor their cause. Mayor Addison had practitioners’
truth-clarification materials in hand and said he was very sorry but he had not
had time to read them. When practitioners told him of the Chinese Communist regime’s
atrocities of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, his eyes
became wet. Practitioners then showed him more supporting documents, and Mr. Addison
was shocked. He said that he could hardly believe such things are happening today
and it is inhumane.

Mr. Addison is a Christian. He said: Humans are different
from animals. It is absolutely unacceptable for a government to persecute so many
innocent people.

He recommended practitioners to tell the business community
about these atrocities. He said that the reason th Australian government and other
countries’ governments remain silent is that these big corporations want to do
business with China for their own interest.

"If they cast a blind
eye on this issue, they are in fact helping the murder!" Mr. Addison stated.

Mr. Addison said: After World War II, people vowed "Never Again"!
Why do people remain silent today? Governments and the international community
will pay a huge price if they do not take action after learning about these atrocities.

The Mayor welcomed practitioners to their city council meeting to be held
the following Monday so that more people could learn about the atrocities.

practitioners also recounted the evil nature of the CCP and explained why the
CCP persecuted Falun Gong. Mr. Addison said that he would study the Nine Commentaries
on the Communist Party. The meeting continued for more than one hour and concluded
after the Mayor’s secretary reminded him for the third time.

date: 8/May/2006
Original article date: 7/May/2006
Category: Australian


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