Local City Council in Australia Shocked by the CCP’s Crime of Organ Harvesting

On May 4, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners made an appointment with the mayor of
a western suburb of Sydney. When practitioners told him of the CCP’s crimes of
organ harvesting from living practitioners as well as cremating the bodies to
destroy the evidence, the mayor wept and kept wiping his tears. He was quite upset
and indignant, and said, "Following World War II people said, ‘Never Again;’
why do people today still keep silent? A human is different from animals. When
one person persecutes another person, in particular when a government persecutes
a group of innocent people, such a huge group of the population, such persecution
is completely unacceptable. If the international governments and international
community do not take any action after knowing about this, they will have to pay."

The mayor then also said that he would try his best to arrange for practitioners
to attend their next Monday’s council meeting to inform more people of this crime.

Practitioners went to this city on May 8th to attend their council meeting.
Prior to that, practitioners had already contacted the relevant council staff
to let them know that although the topic would not be a particular local issue,
it concerns everyone and is extremely important. The staff indicated that practitioners
would be allowed to make a speech if there was time. During the meeting practitioners
waited patiently and kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the
evil elements that try to hinder truth clarification. An hour passed and the council
meeting was approaching the end.

The mayor said, "Today we have Falun
Gong practitioners here who have come from very far away. They’d very much like
to talk about the death camps in China. What does everyone think?" The councilors
indicated that they welcomed the practitioners to talk for four minutes, like
other people.

A practitioner spoke in front of over 30 people, including
all the councilors and staff saying, "Hundreds of thousands Falun Gong practitioners
are detained in Chinese forced labor camps. Due to the Chinese Communist Party’s
policy of ‘beaten to death is counted as suicide,’ Falun Gong practitioners have
become commercial products for the corrupt policemen, for them to make a huge
profit. Practitioners’ hearts, livers, kidneys and corneas are harvested while
they are still alive, and then they are taken to the crematorium because the authorities
are trying to eliminate the evidence of their crimes. In other countries one has
to wait several years for the organ tissue match, but the Oriental Organ Transplant
Center in China advertises to overseas patients in five different languages, inviting
them to have the organ transplant surgery in China. On their website they state
that one only needs to wait for one or two days for a kidney transplant, and one
or two weeks for a liver transplant. Many Chinese hospitals are working overtime
to do such surgeries. There were only 78 liver transplant surgeries in China between
1991 and 1998, but the number increased rapidly after 1999 when the persecution
of Falun Gong started.

In 2003, this number reached 3,000 surgeries. Taking
the organ, blood type and tissue match into consideration, the success rate is
only 1.2%. One can thus deduce that the supply of live organs would be 100 times
that of 3,000. In other words, at least 300,000 people would have to be available
as donors to make so many surgeries possible. We bring you this sad information
today, because we need your help!"

Another practitioner added, "I
have sent you two emails. We know this is an international issue. Falun Gong is
freely practiced in 80 countries and is only persecuted in China. We need your

The allotted four minutes passed very quickly, and the buzzer
had rung twice; however, no one tried to stop the practitioner’s speech. All listened
very seriously, and the atmosphere in the meeting hall seemed to have frozen.
The councilors’ facial expression turned more serious than during the ongoing
meeting, and they listened calmly. Many could not believe such a thing is happening
in today’s day and age. The councilors who had read the email expressed their
appreciation to the practitioners, and one councilor said "thank you"
in Chinese.

The mayor said, "We all know this tragedy is happening.
I have the information they gave me," and then took out the English Epoch
Times and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party that practitioners had
given him a few days prior, saying to the councilors, "You can come to take
this information. We should carefully think about what we can do. "

the meeting break, practitioners handed the materials to the councilors, some
of whom asked the practitioners to mail copies of the Nine Commentaries to them.

Posting date: 19/May/2006
Original article date: 19/May/2006
Australian News


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