How I Became a Dafa Practitioner – A Special Collection

Since the collection of articles of “How Did You
Become a Dafa Practitioner?” by August 12, 2005, numerous
submissions from practitioners have been received. They are from different countries
and from different walks of life, from accomplished pianists, famed musicians,
to prisoners; from youngsters to an 86 year-old gentleman. They all shared how
Falun Dafa has profoundly changed their lives, both physically and mentally.

practitioner remembered the first night he read Zhuan Falun when he was 15-years-old

can still vividly remember the first night I started reading Zhuan
. I was in a very bitter mood, and was also feeling quite
angry and jealous. Since I had nothing else to do, I picked up Zhuan Falunand
read the first lecture. The principles contained within it struck a deep chord
with me. Even though much of the vocabulary was over my head, there was something
familiar and comforting about the book. By the time I was done, I had a remarkable
sensation that I had never experienced before. It was a sense of true calm, of
contentment from the bottom of my heart. The jealousy and bitterness that only
hours before had seemed to consume me disappeared. That night, I went to sleep
smiling, and got the best sleep of my life.

A Taiwanese practitioner who
obtained Fa in jail described his experience:

It was like the darkness fading
away as the morning arrives, after listening to Teacher Li’s lecture tapes
for just 8 days.

A young lady was struck with multiple sclerosis when she
was only 25 years old. She shared her experience:

I continued doing the
exercises, sometimes sitting in a chair and sometimes standing. I slowly read
Zhuan Falun. I became stronger and stronger and my vision became clearer.
Within a few short months all of my symptoms disappeared and now I have been symptom
free for over 4 years. My eyesight has improved and I have the least amount of
correction in my glasses that I have ever had since I started wearing glasses.
I have been able to go back to work, and I am leading a full and busy life once
again. In the Memorial Day Parade I was even able to perform the exercises on
a moving float without falling off. Before, I had a hard time standing on the
ground without falling.


There are many touching stories like

On the occasion of World Falun Dafa Day, we want to express our sincere
thanks to our revered Teacher.

We also welcome practitioners to continue
to share your stories so people around the world can benefit from your experience.

Posting date: 17/May/2006
article date: 13/May/2006

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