The Story Behind An Unusual Appeal on the White House Lawn (Photos)

The Story Behind An Unusual Appeal on the White
House Lawn (Photos)

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Wang on the south lawn of the White House

During President
Bush's welcoming ceremony for the visiting Chinese Communist Chairman, according
to media, various issues arose one after another, and the largest one turned all
the cameras from Hu Jintao to a Chinese woman.

President Bush finished his welcoming remarks and Hu began his speech, Ms. Wenyi
Wang suddenly started to shout messages and unfurled a yellow banner next to a
camcorder which was shooting the ceremony for a live broadcast. Ms. Wang had entered
the site as a reporter. She shouted in both Chinese and English, “Falun Dafa is
Good! and “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong” as well as some other personalized
words of appeal. The whole site was shocked.

Wang, a naturalized Chinese American, received her first medical degree from Bethune
University of Medicine in Jilin province, China. She came to the United States
sixteen years ago and obtained a PhD in Neurology from the University of Chicago,
and then practiced at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. While working as a
practicing physician, Wang also did volunteer work as a reporter for two media
outlets founded by Falun Gong practitioners.

protests on such occasions have been rarely seen in the past, but typically, an
unusual act has an unusual reason behind it. In fact, this is also true in this
case. In the past month, Ms Wang has witnessed an unusual case developing: the
exposure of an unprecedented genocide.

March, three witnesses in succession exposed that the Chinese Communist regime
set up concentration camps to harvest organs from living Falun Gong practitioners
and then cremate their bodies to destroy evidence. They have been doing this since
2001. As a reporter and physician, Ms. Wang has been in contact with two of the
three witnesses, who are now living in the U.S. She also accompanied the two to
accept media interviews and to testify before the U.S. Congress.

his testimony, a witness named Peter said: “From 2003 to the beginning of 2006,
I have used large amounts of man power, material supplies, and financial resources,
and finally found this facility in Sujiatun, where many Falun Dafa practitioners
were detained, and their cornea, organs, and bone marrow harvested live, and then
their bodies cremated. Even their hair is made into wigs, and their skin and body
fat is sold. The remainder of their bodies are then cremated to destroy all evidence.
Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe that such crimes are still underway in other
regions in China?”

In response to the organ
harvesting claim, the Chinese Communist regime spent three weeks disposing of
eye witnesses and evidence of the Sujiatun underground concentration camp. It
then publicly denied the existence of the camp and invited international community
to investigate the site. However, regarding the question: “Why did it take three
weeks for the regime to respond, and what was the regime doing during these three
weeks? –the regime again pretends to not hear.

sources revealed that Luo Gan, a key member of the Jiang group, has secretly ordered
to dispose of (kill after organ removal) all Falun Gong practitioners who are
being detained as organ suppliers. Luo also ordered the execution of some criminals
from May to July. It is believed that the organs of these executed criminals will
be purposefully introduced into the organ market in China in order to complicate
the investigation on organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners.

Gong practitioners have also learned that there are at least 36 secret camps similar
to the one in Sujiatun. However, practitioners detained in these camps have been
urgently transferred to other labor camps, prisons, hospitals and other facilities
under orders of the Jiang group. In these labor camps, prisons and hospitals,
detained Falun Gong practitioners are facing organ removal and cremation at anytime.

World Organization to Investigation the Persecution
of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) has confirmed that many civil and most military and armed
police hospitals and organ transplant centers are suspected to have been involved
in harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners for transplant.

the Sujiatun concentration camp was exposed on March 9, some hospitals in northeast
China which were exposed to limited international investigation received orders
to suspend their transplant business. However, after the Ministry of Health published
“Interim Organ Transplant Regulation” on March 27, all hospitals and organ transplant
centers not only resumed transplant operations but also dramatically increased
the number of operations. A large number of hospitals told undercover reporters
that they had sufficient organ supplies in April and May but the supply will become
lean afterwards. Such claims came from hospitals in many provinces and autonomous
regions. This suggests that the Chinese Communist regime is massacring Falun Gong
practitioners who are being used as living organ suppliers.

thoroughly investigate the persecution and stop the massacre, overseas Falun Gong
practitioners have established the “Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of
Falun Gong in China” and have demanded the Chinese Communist regime to open all
labor camps, prisons, detention centers, hospitals and all other related facilities
for international investigation.

On April 19, Linda Xu, Sound of Hope senior reporter who is in charge of Mainland
China news, and Lei Xu, chief editor of European Epoch Times, responded to an
open invitation from Qing Gao, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They went to the Chinese Consulate in Sydney and the Chinese Embassy in Berlin
respectively to apply for visas in order to go to China to investigate the organ
harvesting claim. Their visa applications were rejected.

Zhou said: “The CCP's action of not allowing us to go to China to investigate
tells us that the persecution of Falun Gong does exist.”

the Chinese Communist regime invited the international community to visit the
Sujiatun hospital (the concentration camp), it didn't want to invite the
people who really want to disclose the truth to investigate. This invitation was
just a trick to deceive the world. Looking back on the cases in which the regime
invited international media to labor camps, every detail, including who was invited,
what facilities were inspected and the time of inspection was always arranged
by the Chinese Communist regime itself. Of course, people didn't see any
evidence of persecution. They only saw joyful deer running on a lawn at the Tuanhe
Labor Camp in Beijing. How could a murderer take the initiative to show inspectors
his murder weapon. Sixty years ago, the Nazis also invited foreigners to visit
a concentration camp, where people saw Jews playing in a “free environment”.

interviewed by Sound of Hope Radio, Wenyi Wang said that the organ harvesting
practice of the CCP is comparable to the holocaust. If the atrocities are not
publicized, they will continue.

Dr. Wang's
opinion has sufficient supporting evidence. Regarding her method of appeal, most
practitioners believe that public appeals to “Stop the persecution of Falun Gong”,
“Bring Jiang, Luo, Liu and Zhou to Justice” and calls for attention to the atrocities
of harvesting organs from practitioners are necessary, urgent and serious. However,
as practitioners, emotion should be avoided, though such a requirement can be
hard to attain under certain circumstances, given the pressing urgency of the
persecution. As a reporter, there are perhaps better ways to raise media attention
than unfurling banners and shouting messages. However, those require more time,
rationality, and wisdom. As for timing, considering their current response speed
and understanding of the situation, it would be impossible for western media to
rescue those Falun Gong practitioners detained as living organ suppliers.

The Chinese Communist regime is still denying the facts and
covering up the abhorrent consequences of its “not being responsible” persecution
policy. In addition, such consequences are spreading every day. If the international
community doesn't pay close attention to this in time, history will repeat
itself and the solemn “Never Again” vow will become an empty promise.

prompted Ms. Wang's unusual action on this occasion was the increased evidence
of persecution. The exposed crimes of the persecution are abhorrent, evil and
inhumane and cannot be tolerated any longer. Actions must be taken now to rescue
those practitioners detained as organ suppliers.

hope that the urgent and severe situation that prompted Ms Wang's unusual
protest will truly catch the attention of the U.S. government and all circles.
It is time to thoroughly investigate the persecution, and we should let the world
know about the tragic cases of persecuted practitioners during the past 7 years
through extensive media coverage.

date: 23/April/2006

Original article date: 22/April/2006
Category: Media


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