Month: December 2004

Letter from Zhang Cuiying

It seems that this lawsuit has caused some frenzied reaction from the Chinese authorities. The Australian reported one source as saying, “They can’t understand why the Government can’t just stop it from going ahead, like it would in China.”

Media Release: Landmark Court Case Reaches Next Stage

“Jiang’s horrific form of genocide is a terror that does not just destroy lives, but [aims to] destroy faith… It is a terror that must be brought to justice.” Georges-Henri Beauthier Renowned human rights lawyer who successfully prosecuted Pinochet and Rwandan genocide perpetrators and now assisting in the Falun Gong case.

“The Sermon on the Mount” Revisited

Many of the ethical attributes and moral teachings for people to strive for I had gleaned from studying Zhuan Falun for almost seven years now have rung a bell all along. It was not until this week that I became aware of the prompts swirling in my head, discovering where those teachings came from.


This brutal persecution against Falun Dafa, like all atrocities, is destined to pass, just as torrential seas, a raging wind, snow upon a winter’s demise…