Month: October 2004

Colourful Viva la Gong (Photos)

The Viva la Gong festival is 9 days of music, art, dance, fashion, film, sculpture, theatre, food and family fun. This is the 5th annual festival of arts, culture and innovation and the second year that Falun Dafa has been invited to participate.

Festival of Lights Parade in Cairns (Photos)

For the second year in a row, Falun Gong practitioners from around Queensland took part in the Cairns “Festival of Lights Parade.” Cairns is a world-famous tourist destination in the far north of Queensland, home to many attractions including the Great Barrier Reef.

India Falun Dafa Association Founded (Photos)

India Falun Dafa Association registered as an non-profit organization in Bombay in September 2004, and the association then became a legal group recognized by the Indian Government. The founding of India Falun Dafa Association formally tells the world that the ancient nation with the second largest population in the world has formally embraced Falun Dafa.

Sydney Morning Herald: Inside China’s brainwashing gulag

A small nameplate beside the high, burnished metal gates announces the building inside as “Guangzhou City Law School”. But this grimy industrial area on the outskirts of China’s great southern commercial metropolis is an unlikely place for an academic institution.

The Age, Australia: Falun Gong reveals jail ‘hell’

According to the award-winning Melbourne-based writer Ouyang Yu, whose brother Ming died last year from ill-treatment during detention for his Falun Gong activities, the persecution has attracted little interest in human rights circles in Australia. “Over here you meet up with a wall of utter coldness, a wall of ice,” he said in a telephone interview. “They say other cases are more important.”

Falun Gong Practitioner David Liang Returns to Work Three Months after Being Shot in South Africa (Photo)

On June 28, 2004, the world was shocked to learn that Falun Gong practitioners were fired upon by hired gunmen in South Africa during Chinese officials’ state visit. In the incident, Australian Falun Gong practitioner Mr. David Liang was shot in both of his feet. The bones of his right foot were smashed and fractured. Now, David has recovered and returned to work three months after the incident. However, previously, many doctors suggested that David have an amputation.