Month: February 2003

Clarifying the Truth at a Dinner Function

Several Falun Gong practitioners went to a dinner in Brisbane organised by the Australia-China Friendship Society and co-sponsored by a local travel agency to promote China.

Media Release: Discrimination Hearing Settled in Favour of Falun Dafa

(SFDI) – The discrimination complaint lodged by Dr. Michael Pearson-Smith on behalf of the Falun Fo Xue Association of Australia, following the exclusion of Falun Dafa from the Chinese New Year Festival of 2002, was today resolved at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The Hearing, which began on Tuesday, concluded with a settlement that guarantees Falun Dafa participation in future festivals up to the year 2008.

A Letter to Our Fellow Practitioners in Mainland China.

How deeply you have inspired and truly touched the hearts of so many practitioners and others worldwide with your articles and experience sharings posted on Minghui and Clearwisdom, (Falun Dafa websites) particularly over the last 3 years.

The Age: No gong from China to ban Melb sect

Concern for crowd safety, not politics, was the reason the spiritual
Falun Dafa was excluded from last year’s Chinese New Year Festival in
Melbourne, a tribunal heard today.