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Manhattan: Falun Gong Booth Welcomed at Dance for Peace Parade

Falun Gong practitioners received warm applause for their performance in the recent Dance Parade in New York City (Manhattan). At end of the parade, practitioners hosted a booth in Tompkins Square Park, which was also praised by many spectators. The theme of this year’s annual parade, which occurs every May 20, was “Dance for Peace.”…

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“Learning Falun Dafa in Gaol” and Another Short Story

Learning Falun Dafa in Gaol I was imprisoned for selling fake invoices in 2001. There were several Falun Dafa practitioners in my cell who told me that practicing Dafa helps people change their ways and helps them to become better people. They explained that by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, one could return to good…

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