(Minghui.org) In Notes of the Thatched Abode of Close Observations by Ji Xiaolan, an influential scholar of the Qing dynasty, there is a story about a cultivator.

A scholar was traveling to the Songshan Mountains in Henan Province when he saw a woman fetching water from a stream. He asked her for some water, and the woman happily gave him a scoop. He asked for directions, and she readily guided him too.

The woman seemed to have read some books and did not look like a farm girl, so the scholar sat down with her under the tree to chat. The scholar suspected that the woman was not a human, but a fox that had transformed into human form. But he was still fascinated by her beauty and elegance, and enjoyed the conversation with her.

Suddenly she jumped up and said, “It’s too dangerous! I almost lost all my efforts!”

The scholar was confused and asked what was going on.

The woman blushed with shame and said, “I have been cultivating with my master for more than a hundred years, and I thought that my mind was like still water. My master said to me, ‘While you do not have a wicked thought now, it does not mean it is completely gone. Your heart is calm because you do not see anything or anyone that moves you, but if you do, your heart will be in chaos. Just like a grass seed left in the vast expanse of sand, it will sprout when there is rain. Your demonic obstacle is coming. Watch out tomorrow. You will understand.’”

“As expected, I met you today. I am already enjoying our conversation too much, and my mind is shaken. After a while, I may not be able to control myself. This is so dangerous, I almost got into trouble!” After saying this, she jumped up and went straight into the treetops. In the blink of an eye, she was gone like a bird.

After reading this story, I realized that cultivation is really not easy! She had been cultivating for over a hundred years, and she almost ruined it during a lighthearted chat. Maybe she had cultivated well in other aspects, but as long as there was still a loophole to sentimentality, she would be tested and whether she passed or not all depended on only one thought!

Although her master saw her loopholes, he could not eliminate them for her. He could only give her hints and warn her before the tribulation. It was fortunate that the warning worked, allowing her to stop in time and flee. But she only escaped. She did not eliminate her attachment and may have to face it again in the future.

Looking at myself, I realised I was incredibly lucky. We, as Dafa disciples, know the ultimate essence of spiritual cultivation and can work directly on our hearts to remove our attachments.

I feel that in the process of studying and memorising the Fa, many of the things I was attached to before have been dissolved invisibly. During the process of studying the Fa, when a certain sentence hits home, I immediately enlighten to the root of my attachment and how to eliminate it. Then, just like the clouds clearing away after a storm, I can feel that Master has pushed me to a new level.

Of course, Dafa disciples will still go through trials and tribulations. As long as we look within whenever problems surface, elevate our xinxing, and improve ourselves, we can pass those trials and tribulations. Only if one does not study the Fa for a long time or does not study the Fa attentively, does not look inward or cultivate diligently, will it be very hard to pass a test when it comes.

At the same time, the story also alerted me to the fact that maybe I felt I had cultivated well in certain aspects, but there may be deep-seated attachments that have not been exposed, and if they are taken lightly, they may cause unnecessary obstacles to my cultivation.

As long as cultivation is not over, we cannot slack off or lower our standards. Only by doing the three things well and going all the way to the end can we follow Master to our heavenly abode.

This is my understanding at my level, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.