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AFP: Falun Gong members protest at Earth Summit

JOHANNESBURG, Sept 1 (AFP) – Members of the spiritual group Falun Gong staged a protest at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg Sunday to call for the release of practitioners held in Chinese jails.

Falun Dafa Information Center: A Trial that Never Should Have Happened

“No amount of hatred can crush our compassionate hearts, and no propaganda can forever hide the truth.” On March 14, 2002, twelve Hong Kong practitioners joined the four Swiss to begin a quiet, three-day sit-in and hunger strike in front of the Peoples’ Republic of China Liaison Office. Photographic and video documentation (photos and timeline) clearly illustrate that the practitioners appealed peacefully, posed no threat, and left ample room for pedestrian traffic.

Reuters: HK police didn’t persecute Falun Gong-prosecutors.

HONG KONG, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Hong Kong police did not persecute the 16 Falun
Gong followers charged with obstruction, prosecutors said on Tuesday towards
the end of Hong Kong’s first trial of members of the controversial spiritual