Water, the Origin of Life(FSC-042)

My name is Zhao Yihong, I come from Tokyo, Japan. I am going to share with everyone here a group of pictures that display the beauty and mystery of water crystals, and tell everyone that “Falun Dafa is the real science.”

Falun Dafa Cultivation’s Supernormal Alterations to Gene Expression (FSC-002)

The influence of the mind (also referred to as “spirit” or “consciousness”) on the physical body is an open field in modern medicine. Recently, more and more pieces of evidence have demonstrated that the mind can alter the physical body in various ways, particularly through the endocrine and immune systems. However, there have been no efforts to try to understand how the mind alters gene expression.


Behold, our winters lifting, let the light of grandest suns emerge! When the last vestige
of resistance subsides, futile before many a wakeful heart.

A Child’s Fable: Lily the Lotus

Once upon a time, in a far away pond lived a little seed named Lily. She was shy and timid, but enjoyed playing with all of her friends.

Three Fundamental Limitations and Their Common Issues

Currently, there is a sense that modern science will continue to advance indefinitely and will eventually discover a complete and consistent theory of the universe. However, as much as modern science has been making great advances, it has also been discovering its limitations.

Falun Dafa in Tasmania

I’m a long-term resident of Tasmania, and have practiced and studied with our Falun Dafa group in Hobart for the past twenty months. We are fortunate to have a beautiful open practice-site for Sunday morning exercises in a city park


To all those who advocate atheism and negate the concept of a Higher Power, a Spirit, a Creator who arranges everything in the universe, consider this: