My Encounter with Falun Dafa

I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner and have been practicing for over two years. I was born in Australia and bought up in the Jewish religion.

Only One Pathway

Yet, through my sadness I felt her strength and her gentle determination to express her deep compassion for us, and that she understood and respected our way of thinking and feeling. At that point, I understood the truth and my heart began to change.

My Search for Truth is Over –Now the Real Work Begins

I have been seeking truth most of my life. When I was four years old, I brought a Bible to my mother and asked her to teach me to read. She did not think that she could teach me to read so she said that I should wait until I went to school to learn.

On Yin and Yang and Bearing Baby Boys and Girls

There was an elderly journalist at my former workplace. In his lifetime, he visited many places in China and got to know various aspects of society, different people and things, and he became very knowledgeable.

The Processing of Chinese Herbs for Medicinal Preparations

The processing of Chinese herbs significantly influences the plants’ healing effects. Processing means using various methods, such as adding heat or moisture or washing and cutting to remove toxicity, after obtaining the raw materials.

SMH – A billion-sun blast (Photo)

Anyone watching the sky late on Saturday night could have witnessed one of nature’s most violent events since the Big Bang 13 billion years ago.

Mr. Chan’s Magnificent Journey (Photo)

Here is a painting I just finished. I want to give you a little background
as to what this painting is about, why I painted it, and what I hope to do with

TIANANMEN .. (One Day Spring Time)

Three years and more unfolding
such winters of clouded repression.
From immolations staged, storms
on Zhongnanhai concocted, terror
behind the taming of millions