(Minghui.org) I would like to share a cultivation experience with fellow practitioners.

A local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary came to ask my husband to write the so-called year-end summary report one day during the autumn harvest season in 2012. However, my husband was at my younger sister’s place to help with the autumn harvest. The secretary said, “Why don’t you write it?!” I said he was joking, I cannot write it. The secretary said, “I have a sample here, you just need to copy it.” This was typical of the way the evil Party does things: everything is “fake.”

To get it over with, I didn’t think much about it. I just copied it and sent it over. The secretary said, “You did it quite quickly. Please make two more.” He said the other people were too busy to write their reports. I didn’t refuse, and took them home. I quickly finished copying them, and sent them back that afternoon.

After going home, I kept feeling that something was wrong. I thought, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner; it seems that I should not do this.” On second thought, the contents were not my thoughts, and I did not draft the reports. All I did was copy them. It should not be of a great importance.

After dinner, my whole body began to feel like it was being squeezed by something. It ached, including my bones, and it was not getting any better. I was tired, bad-tempered, and ate with no control. I felt like I couldn’t eat enough, but I was gradually losing weight. My whole body became black and thin, and I felt uncomfortable. I searched inward and found some attachments. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them, but there was no effect. This lasted for more than 40 days, and I suffered in pain every day, helplessly.

I wanted to go home and talk to my mother (a fellow practitioner) about my situation, and ask her to send forth righteous thoughts for me. I felt that the energy field might be stronger with two of us sending forth righteous thoughts together.

Benevolent Teacher saw that I was unable to enlighten to it by myself, so he gave me a hint on the night I went to my mother’s house. When I was half-asleep, I saw myself standing against a wall, and I was entwined by three big boa constrictors. The three pythons’ heads clamped onto my head, with my head in the middle. They formed a triangle around my head, with their mouths wide open. My eyes looked painful and helpless. It was so pitiful, so vivid, and it frightened me such that I broke out in a cold sweat.

Seeing this horrific scene awakened me. It was merciful Master who showed it to me. I was possessed by the evil spirit of the Communist Party because I copied the summary report for three members of the evil Party. I immediately got up and sat in the lotus position with an erect palm to send forth powerful righteous thoughts, to disintegrate the evil spirits.

I feel more and more that cultivation is very serious. It is not child’s play, and I can’t do it arbitrarily. I have realised that I should take myself as a cultivator at all times. I need to cultivate every word and deed and correct myself based on the Fa, and resolutely refrain from doing anything that is inconsistent with Dafa. Otherwise, I may artificially invite tribulations and add huge obstacles and difficulties to my cultivation path.

In summarising this painful lesson, I realised that it occurred because I did not study the Fa well, cultivate solidly, understand the principles of the Fa, and did not think about the Fa when encountering problems. That is, I did not take this matter seriously. This is a very profound lesson for me. I was caught and persecuted by the evil forces.

I am writing this article about it to share with everyone. The purpose is to use my personal experience to prove that the evil communist specter really exists, and it is very evil. The evil communist specter will do anything to destroy mankind. I advise those members of the evil Party not to be buried with it, and to quit the Party as soon as possible so they can be safe.