(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It has been 25 years since I attended Master’s Fa teaching classes. I always wanted to write about the experience but never did because of my limited education and the persecution I endured for practicing Falun Dafa. With the help of other practitioners, I was finally able to get it done today.

I was 32 years old in 1994. One day, my husband brought home the book Falun Gong, and I was naturally drawn to it and finished reading it in one sitting. The next day, I felt extremely happy and comfortable. My mind and body felt relaxed and light. It was just amazing. My husband told me that Falun Gong is a true Buddhist practice and a cultivation discipline of mind and body that can bring people to a higher level.

Shortly afterward, a practitioner in Wuhan City, Hubei Province encouraged three practitioners in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province to attend Master’s Fa teaching class in Wuhan. After they came back, they introduced Dafa to Jiujiang and people began taking up the practice one after another.


Attending Fa Teaching Classes in Hefei City, Anhui Province

April 16, 1994, was the most glorious and happiest day of my life. I will remember it forever.

It was the second day of Master Li’s lecture series in Hefei. We walked into the auditorium with joy. More than 1,200 people attended, with more than 40 from Jiujiang. We sat in the first few rows and looked forward to Master’s arrival.

After a while, we saw a man appear on the stage, looking at us kindly and graciously, like a loving father. His face looked familiar and I immediately realised that he was Master! With a tall stature, rosy skin and kind eyes, Master looked like a 25-year-old young man. He approached the podium and began to lecture.

The audience was very quiet, as if nothing existed around us. We listened to Master’s lecture attentively. Master said (not exact words): You are all predestined to be here. I hope everyone here will pay attention to the lecture. In the beginning, I taught the class in the form of qigong, but from this class onwards, I am truly teaching the Fa. It seems easy for you to enroll in the class. Some of you are very predestined and were the chosen ones out of tens of thousands. This Dafa is so precious that you must cherish it.

Master cleansed our bodies on the first day of the class, and he did it for some students even before they arrived. Master repeatedly emphasised that any discomfort that anyone might feel should not be considered to be a disease. Instead, our bodies were being purified and illnesses were being removed. He hoped everyone would keep attending the class, otherwise, it would be a big loss. Some students saw Master’s aura and what they described as his Buddha body, layer by layer. Some students only saw what they thought to be the toes of Master’s law body but not the head.

I felt Falun spinning on both of my arms at one point, clockwise and counter-clockwise, and in many other places in the body as well. Sometimes I heard the sound of Falun spinning at high speed inside my ears. Once the Falun span so fast that I got dizzy, and I realised that it must be adjusting my body. I had a sensation of “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun), and I was surrounded by a peaceful, compassionate, and powerful energy field.

The third day of the class, Master taught the second exercise. When I was holding the Falun in front of my head, my arm position was not accurate. Master pointed at my hands and said kindly, “Raise your hand a little higher.” I was so happy and excited to think that Master watched out for me.

Over the nine days of lectures, Master told us the most profound cosmic principles in the plainest language, especially pointing out that cultivating the mind was the key to increasing gong. He indicated that one could be healthy and ascend to a higher level by paying attention to moral improvement and giving up attachments. Master revealed the causes of sickness, the third eye, prehistoric civilisations, the transformation of virtue and karma, and so on. Most of the contents were talked about in the book of Zhuan Falun. Master revealed heavenly secrets that no one had ever spoken about before–the secret of secrets.

At the end, Master asked us to write about our learning experiences. I wrote: “Before I came to your classes, I was lost in the world like an ignorant child, with a strong desire for personal gain. I was greedy for small items. After listening to your lecture, not only my body was cleansed, but also my mind was purified. Master taught us to think of others before we do anything, that the purpose of being human is to return to our origin, to gradually assimilate to the characteristics of the cosmos, which are Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. We need to pay attention to improving our character and becoming better people.”

One more thing was worth mentioning. The students from each area were taking pictures with Master in groups. Some students wanted to sit closer to Master and fought for the seats. For some reason, the bench tipped over and they all fell to the ground. Master stood right by them and saw it happen. But he didn’t say a word. I stood close to Master and observed Master’s reaction, which inspired me a lot. A student asked Master, “Why don’t you show any pretentiousness?” Master said, “Is that a good thing?” Master is so easy-going that all students felt his kindness. One student from Jiujiang shook hands with Master excitedly and said to him, “Falun Dafa is so good. It is not easy to find such a good practice. I am from the countryside, without any education. Can I practice Dafa?” Master said, “Sure, cherish it.”

Many people said words of gratitude to Master and some even wanted to kowtow to him. Master said that we should not do that, and he just wanted us to put our hearts into cultivation.

Before the class concluded, many lovely children, from three, five, six years old to teenagers, came up to the stage and sat in the second row, meditating with their legs crossed. Master was happy to see them, touching their heads, as if to bestow them with wisdom.

Practitioners from some provinces and regions presented banners to Master with the words “Great Virtue Dafa” and “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and harmonises everything.” Master showed us the big hand signs, making the atmosphere more special, sacred, and solemn. Then he did another mudra, rotating a big Falun. That memory has been in my heart ever since. Then Master told us that people who have practiced the Tao for thousands of years couldn’t obtain the things that they longed for, but that we have obtained them, and we must cherish them.

Master looked at everyone, waving goodbye with a big smile. Everyone stood around Master with happy tears, reluctant to leave for a long time. We all wanted to stay by Master’s side for a little longer and listen to him a little more.


Attending Fa Lectures in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

From June 10 to June 18, 1994, I once again had the honor of attending Master’s Fa lecture series, this time in Zhengzhou.

We stayed in a mediocre hotel in Zhengzhou and were surprised to observe Master arrive the next day, checking in himself.

Master started the class on June 10, with a fully packed venue, leaving only narrow aisles for people to pass through. The venue was an old stadium built in the 1950s, with a basketball court in the centre and a dozen concrete steps on the four sides. There was a platform in the middle of the court with a simple old table and a chair for Master to give his lectures there. Awaiting Master’s arrival, everyone stood up and applauded enthusiastically as he first entered the room. The excitement was palpable and the feeling of joy immense. This was another time I will never forget!

Master came up to the table and said, “Now let’s start the class.” His voice was clear and loud, and everyone in the stadium could hear it clearly. We all listened to him with full attention, and I could feel that the stadium was quiet and peaceful, full of energy, with only Master’s voice echoing in the air.

On the third day of the class, there was a sudden lightning and thunderstorm about 40 minutes into the class. Hailstones blew in through the broken windows and doors, and the lights went out after a lightning strike. The stadium became dark.

I had taken my three-year-old daughter to the class with me. We were sitting under the steps, next to a small door. I was afraid she would make noise and affect others listening to the lecture. Suddenly I had a thought in my mind, “Hurry up and go up to the basketball court.” Right after we moved, water gushed out from the small door and flooded the space we were in. I looked down and was stunned. The water was so deep that both of us would be drowned if we did not come up. I truly believe that Master’s law body protected me.

As the pouring rain and hailstones pounded the roof of the stadium loudly, some students could not remain composed and started to move around and talk, and the venue was no longer quiet. Master said seriously (as best as I can recall), “When Sakyamuni preached the Dharma, he also encountered demonic interference, but his disciples were not disturbed. You are practicing Dafa, so why are you still panicking? Devil interference is to block you from obtaining the Fa.”

Master immediately sat down in full lotus position and began to perform the great hand signs. I could not understand it, but I sensed that it was majestic and sacred. Then the storm suddenly stopped and the lights came back on. The sky quickly cleared and the sun came out. Everything returned to normal and the sky became brighter.

Master continued his lecture. Then I saw Master move two bottles of water on the table to the concrete steps behind him (Master did not bring water during the first few days, but only that day). After some time, I saw the two bottles shaking and swaying around, but didn’t know what was going on. Master picked them up and set them down in front of the table. The bottles stopped moving. I later understood that Master had put the demons making trouble in the bottles.

I felt that the origin of our Master’s life must be significantly different, possessing mighty power. Master took away many bad things for the students, otherwise the interference would be too much. In order to purify the bodies of the disciples and remove our karma for us to cultivate, Master endured an unimaginable amount of our karma for us. But we only sensed some interference on the surface.


Final Remarks

I was most impressed by Master’s closing remarks at both lecture series. Both times, Master stood up and told us (again, as best as I can recall): “It was not easy to disseminate the righteous Fa. It was not as simple as it looked on the surface, and we should not lose it because we gained it easily. This is something that has not happened in a thousand years or ten thousand years. You will not run into it again after you pass it.”

I was still ignorant at the time and did not understand much. Nonetheless, I felt touched in my heart and wanted to shed tears. Every word from Master seemed to weigh a ton, heavy with connotations and heavenly secrets.

Looking back on these final moments, I now understand that His words contain Master’s unimaginable hardships during the entire journey of the Fa rectification and Master’s enormous sufferings for the salvation of all beings in the cosmos.

Reading Master’s poem:

His True Body is youthful
with a boundless lifespan
Beyond all space and time
He governs cosmic laws
He teaches Heaven’s Way to rescue the firmament
He alone has borne the karmic debts of all beings
The abundant debts formed huge ordeals
His hair turned grey and His body was harmed
When Fa-rectification is fulfilled
His Divine self will show
His immense graceshall awe the Ten Directions
(“To the Original State,” Hong Yin III)

I became emotional and could not stop my tears.

Many practitioners have been subjected to various kinds of cruel persecution. Without Master’s blessing, no one could have continued with their cultivation. Without Master’s protection, we wouldn’t have come this far. Without Master’s tremendous suffering for all beings in the world, many people would not be here. Without Master’s rectifying the Fa of the cosmos, the cosmos would have disintegrated. I cannot express my gratitude to Master and to his immense grace in words.

At the end of classes, Master again did the mudra of turning the Falun, emitting powerful energy to strengthen and pull us upward, further forward. The only thing we can do is to fulfill our prehistoric vows, do the three things well, help Master with Fa rectification, and save more sentient beings, so as to bring Master a bit more satisfaction and a little less worry.

Thank you, Master!