Falun Gong Practitioners Clarify the Truth at the APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting on the Sunshine Coast (Photos)

From July 30 – August 3, 2007, twenty-one Finance Ministers
from around the Asia-Pacific region attended the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
Meeting held at the Hyatt Regency Resort on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland,
Australia. The visiting Ministers came from countries such as Mexico, USA, Singapore,
Russia, Canada and China.

Local Falun Gong practitioners, wanting to send a message to the Chinese Communist
delegation, applied for and received the only permit issued to have a presence
on the front lawn of the resort.

Upon the Finance Ministers' arrival, our small group of practitioners
greeted them with large banners highlighting the message of human rights abuses
in China. Over the next five days, our banners exposing the crimes of the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP), including the illegal organ harvesting trade in China,
were displayed daily between 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Our banner display provided a unique opportunity to clarify
the truth
of the persecution to the many police officers, security personnel
and traffic wardens on duty. Our presence also attracted the attention of the
local television and newspaper media, who interviewed us and filmed the banner
display. The television broadcasts presented our display and interviews as an
introduction to their news reports on the APEC Meeting and two local newspapers
printed stories, including photos of our peaceful protest. Even a media team
from Chile showed much interest by interviewing us and taking footage of each
of the banners.

Pedestrians came over to talk to us, and some motorists even stopped their
cars by the roadside to get information. Thousands of vehicles drove past during
the week with many waving and honking their horns to show their support. We
sent forth righteous thoughts throughout the week, with a particular focus mid-week
when strong wind gusts attempted to blow down our banner display.

However, we were inspired to stand strong for the duration of the week, holding
the banners to maintain our voice for those millions of innocent Falun Gong
practitioners still silenced and suffering under a covert and unprecedented
persecution in China.

Posting date: 09/Aug/2007
Original article date: 09/Aug/2007
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