Month: January 2004

Gold Coast Sun: Peace Songs(Photo)

Gold Coast sister and brother team Nissrine Symthe and David Thornton will perform songs at the inlaugural Chinese New Year Global Gala in New York this weekend.

Epoch Times: Brother of Atlanta Man Missing in China

Georgia Resident, Dr. Huang Wanqing, is asking for help in finding his younger brother, Huang Xiong. Xiong is a Falun Gong practitioner who was forced to leave his home and wander the streets of China to avoid persecution.

Coming for You: Chapter 1 – Shaky Knees and a Persistent Heart

We decided to travel separately to China so as not to draw any attention to Joel by linking him with me. Although we didn’t plan on being arrested, the likelihood of Joel leaving the Square anonymously was much higher if he appeared to have no connection to me.