SMH: The protesters the police won’t touch

They are the quiet, constant protesters who are always left alone by police, even during this security-mad week. “We’re trying to raise awareness of the fact that human rights are never on the APEC agenda.”

SMH: Flak for Hu on organ harvesting

The Canadians supervised calls to several hospitals by Mandarin speakers purporting to be acting for patients seeking urgent transplants, getting some doctors and officials to admit taking organs from young and healthy Falun Gong prisoners.

SMH: Falun Gong Mark Hu’s Visit with Vigil

Members of the spiritual movement Falun Gong will hold a candlelight vigil outside
the Chinese embassy in Canberra to coincide with the visit of China’s president
Hu Jintao.

SMH: Hospitals ban Chinese surgeon training

International reports have suggested that of the 60,000 organ transplants the China Medical Organ Transplant Association recorded between 2000 and 2005, only 18,500 came from identifiable sources.