National Post (Canada): China’s Bloody Harvest

Our report has seventeen different recommendations. Virtually no precaution one can imagine to prevent the harvesting of organs of Falun Gong practitioners in China is currently being taken. All these precautions should be put in place.

Call for International Support for Australian Position on Organ Harvesting in China

Further support for an end to organ harvesting came in a statement this week referring to the Matas-Kilgour report, when the U.S. National Kidney Foundation said it “is deeply concerned about recent allegations regarding the procurement of organs and tissues through coercive or exploitative practices abroad, or practices which violate worldwide human rights standards.”

Canadian Falun Dafa Association Cautions Media over Coverage of CCP Denials

The CCP has a 60-year history of suppression and killing through decades of brutal campaigns from the Great Leap Forward, to the Cultural Revolution, to the Tiananmen Square student massacre. It has frequently denied proven atrocities. Yet, why do some Chinese media in Canada continue to carry their denials instead of demanding that they cease these practices?

Christian Science Monitor,MA: China faces suspicions about organ harvesting

A pair of human rights activists are charging that “a crime against humanity” is happening on a large scale in China. Members of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by the Chinese government since 1999, are being “in effect, murdered for their organs,” which are being sold to buyers from China and abroad, says David Kilgour, a former member of the Canadian Parliament and coauthor of the report.