Documentary Wins Festival’s Justice Prize

Director Elefteria Kalogritsa has produced a documentary on the journey of Jane Dai and her daughter Fadu and how Ms. Dai’s husband was brutally killed for his belief in Falun Gong.

The Leader (Melbourne): Long trek to Turtle Award

When Jane Dai’s husband Chengyong Chen lost his life fighting for his beliefs the couple’s daughter was just a baby. Fa Du Chen will never remember the short time she spent with her father and must now learn about the strong-willed man through stories and photographs.

Rationally Opposing the Persecution, Ms. Dai Zhizhen and Her Daughter Win Humanitarianism Award in Melbourne (Photos)

The Australian Altruism Foundation, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia issued the “The Turtle Award,” the award of humanitarianism, of year 2006 to Ms. Dai Zhizhen and her daughter, Chen Fadu, on the evening of May 3, 2007. The award commends their courage and spirit in their trips to 45 countries around the world in the past few years to call for help for those practitioners and their children who have been persecuted.