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World News

New Court Filings Charge Former Chinese Leader Jiang Zemin with Extensive Corruption

On Monday, 29 Septemember 2003, plaintiffs in Falun Gong v. Jiang Zemin (and the “6-10 Office”) filed legal papers charging Jiang Zemin with crimes of extensive corruption and urged the Court to hold him responsible for committing genocide against Falun Gong for his own private benefit – to consolidate his power base, enhance his stature, and increase his personal wealth.

Formal Establishment of Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice

Through peaceful means and the international court of law, without any political purpose or agenda, the Coalition seeks to hold this dictator and his accomplices accountable for their actions. The Coalition’s commitment to defend ethics, morality, and justice is unprecedented in China and will serve to set the precedence for the future of the Chinese people.

World Organization Against Torture USA Writes to Belgian Prime Minister: Jiang Zemin Should Be Brought to Justice

The World Organization Against Torture USA supports the continuation of the investigation under the Belgian Universal Jurisdiction law of criminal charges concerning Jiang Zemin, the former President of China and two of his senior colleagues, Luo Gan and Li Lanqing. These charges include genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes of torture. It is important to apply the principles of the Universal Jurisdiction law to this case and to make certain that these individuals do not escape responsibility for the serious human rights abuse they have perpetrated.