Month: April 2003

We Take Part in The Torchlight Parade in Bendigo 2003

The theme for the Parade was “Bendigo – golden past, golden future.”
Our parade entry fitted this theme very well. We represented some of the golden past of traditional Chinese culture with authentic Tang dynasty costumes and beautiful dancers including showing the ancient Falun Dafa Qi gong exercises and meditation.

Time Magazine: Hiding The Patients (Photo)

Sources tell TIME that before the WHO team arrived at the hospital, 31 coughing, shivering staff members who had caught SARS from patients were hastily loaded into ambulances and driven around until the investigators left.

Writings After the Golden Dawn Ceremony at Bondi

A general sense of making a difference and presenting an event that was an attempt to touch people’s hearts. It was prominent to everyone that Falun Gong was a peaceful practice, and the practitioners that were at Bondi Beach displayed dignity and well-being.

Falun Dafa at the Campbelltown City Festival(Photos)

Scattered with paper lotus flowers the site was pleasing to the eye of passers-by, much to the satisfaction of the organiser. The people were captivated by the beauty of the paper lotus flowers, as the practitioner’s energy covered the site while they practiced their meditative exercises.