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CNN: Thousands protest Hong Kong law

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong people mounted
one of their biggest marches in years on Sunday to denounce plans for an
anti-subversion law they fear will erode freedom and civil liberties.

BBC: Massive protest over HK treason law

About 20,000 people have taken to the streets of Hong Kong in one of the
biggest demonstrations in recent years to protest against planned
anti-subversion legislation.
The protest snaking through the streets of Hong Kong to the territory’s
government headquarters was far larger than most people had expected.

UN Human Rights Day 2002 Activities in Brisbane

Over 70 practitioners from southeast Queensland gathered together in Brisbane, Australia in recognition of United Nations Human Rights Day 2002. This year’s theme was “Help Rescue Our Family Members” to bring awareness to the public of the family members of Australian citizens who are being detained and mistreated in labour camps in China.

Reuters: Survey shows rising anxiety over freedoms in HK

The percentage of respondents who said they were “not worried” fell to 58
percent in November — the lowest level since Hong Kong returned to Chinese
rule — from 68 percent in August.

The survey found that those expressing their anxiety included foreigners
living in Hong Kong and business people.

Christchurch Press(NZ): Falun Gong student fears China return

She believes the only way she could return to China safely would be to
renounce her faith in Falun Gong — an option she won’t consider.

Her family has warned her that the authorities are compiling evidence
against her and would immediately arrest her if she came home.

Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Article 23 Legislation — the potential for abuse

Human rights organizations fear that the proposals, if passed into law,
would undermine the existing human rights and civil liberties enjoyed by Hong Kong people and could be used against anyone China or Hong Kong
to, including political dissidents and religious or spiritual groups
such as
Falun Gong — already outlawed on mainland China.