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AP: Planned Hong Kong Security Law Draws Fire

United States, Britain and Canada are among the nations raising
questions, and many here doubt the “trust me” approach.

“Talk is baseless,” said Falun Gong spokeswoman Sharon Xu. “It’s not legally

Changchun Police Ask Stone Lions For Protection

Nowadays, there is always a pair of stone lions in front of the Changchun police bureaus and stations. It has been said by insiders that the accident rate in the police system in recent years has been extremely high.

The Economist: A Jail by Another Name (Report on Forced Labor Camps in China)

Western diplomats involved in human-rights talks with China say that a couple
of years ago indications of possible reform were somewhat more encouraging.
The Chinese have now gone quiet on reform, says one envoy. One reason, he
suggests, is the campaign against Falun Gong, which has resulted in thousands
of its followers being sent to RTL camps since 1999.

Letter to SAR Hong Kong from NSW Falun Dafa Fo Xue Association

We ask that you please be alert to the potential for abuse in this proposed legislation where the totalitarian regime of the mainland can instill fear into the people of Hong Kong when anyone who criticizes the central government could be prosecuted for “treason” and “sedition”.