Media Reports

Media Reports

The Comment Factory: The story of William Huang, Falun Gong and human rights activist, imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese Communist dictatorship

William (Kui) Huang is one of the people who spent their youth cutting open [pistachio] nut shells with pliers. During an interview he told me that he had to work at least sixteen hours a day. The work was done in Cell No. 27 of Zhuhai 2nd Detention Center, which according to Huang was less than twenty square meters in size and was home to over twenty people.

Forget Not the Beijing Olympics’ Victims

It is now clear that the Beijing Olympics Games did not help to improve human rights in China. On the contrary, unknown thousands of innocent people have fallen victim to the Beijing Olympics. Knowing that it had the Olympics secured, the Chinese regime not only refused to honor the promise it made to improve human rights when it bid for the 2008 Olympic Games,1 but it used the Olympics’ security as a pretext to apprehend, torture, and murder people who had already suffered prolonged human rights violations in China.

Amnesty International: Chinese prisoner of conscience Bu Dongwei released

After two long years of imprisonment and Amnesty International campaigning, Chinese
prisoner of conscience Bu Dongwei was finally released on 18 July 2008. Bu Dongwei was serving time in a ‘re-education through labour’ facility for allegedly possessing Falun Gong materials. For fear of again be detained or harrassed in Olympic crackdowns, Amnesty International was unable to make public the news of his release until now.

An International Trial for Jiang Zemin

This essay will be published by the Magazine Huso Crítico of the University of Guadalajara in its Summer 2008 edition. It has already elicited reactions.

Photojournalist Released From Chinese Jail, Now Back In States

NPPA member and photojournalist Jeffrey Rae is safe in Manhattan today after spending four days in a Beijing jail for trying to photograph pro-Tibet protesters at the Olympic games, and the story he tells about how he was treated by Chinese police comes as no surprise to those familiar with China’s history or their police.

China Consule “Admits” Inciting NY Attacks

The State Department is considering expelling New York’s Chinese consul general
after the official was allegedly caught on tape saying he helped incite violent
attacks in Queens against the Falun Gong spiritual group.