Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation: Support the Hong Kong People — Oppose Article 23

The Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation is composed of many non-government organizations around the world. We may have diverse backgrounds, but we come together for one thing in common, that is: we all believe the proposed Article 23 legislation in Hong Kong is in violation of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy. It is legislation that will destroy Hong Kong’s freedoms and rights and make Hong Kong a police state.

Third Party Commentary: Hong Kong’s Anti-Subversion Law, Article 23, Is Destroying Hong Kong’s Own Future

After joining the World Trade Organization (WTO),
China was viewed as finally being on the same
track as the international community. However,
Hong Kong, a city that has long been known as
an international metropolis and global financial
center, is now under pressure from Bejing,
being forced to be on the same track as Mainland
China. In order to cater to Jiang Zemin’s regime,
Hong Kong’s government has recently made an attempt
to pass an anti-subversion law, namely, Article 23
of the Basic Law. This is an effort to import
Mainland China’s legal system into Hong Kong
in order to further “mainland-ize” Hong Kong.

Democracy slides towards totalitarianism?

The reality is that the ‘One Country Two Systems’ is quickly becoming One Country One System. The increasingly harsh treatment of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong is a prime example. Several analysts have suggested that this proposed legislation is being hurried through, precisely to outlaw this totally peaceful spiritual practice. Hong Kong’s Secretary for Security, Regina Ip, has repeatedly denied that Article 23 will be used against Falun Gong. However, she has also denied that there is a ‘blacklist’ of foreign Falun Gong practitioners. The fact that over the last 18 months several hundred practitioners with no criminal records, from a variety of different countries, have been refused entry to the SAR makes a mockery of Ip’s assertions.

Jiang Zemin Fails to Respond to Genocide Lawsuit

According to the legal summons served during former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin’s visit to Chicago in October, last Wednesday was the final day for Jiang to respond to the Genocide Lawsuit brought against him and the Gestapo-like office he established in June of 1999 to carry out the persecution of practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual movement throughout China.

My View on Falun Gong

I used to be a pious Buddhist when I was in China. Then I came into contact with Christianity and other western religions when I went to Western countries. It is safe to say that I’m not an atheist.

News Review: Times: Subverting Hong Kong’s Autonomy

Shorn of its linguistic niceties, it lays down that any organization of which Beijing disapproves on security grounds will be proscribed in Hong Kong. That could, for instance, mean that the Falun Gong movement, which the central government has been persecuting remorselessly, could be outlawed in the SAR.

Washington Post: Mr. Jiang’s Bad Idea

CHINA’S COMMUNIST leadership has spent the past few days bombarding the
country’s long-suffering population, and anyone in the outside world who

will listen, with skull-numbing speeches about the supposed
breakthrough of President Jiang Zemin.

Sydney Morning Herald: Long Live The Entrepreneurs

China’s roaring industrial economy, its burgeoning consumer class,
and greater individual freedoms of movement, for example, now present an
undeniable veneer of openness. However, dissent continues to be swiftly
crushed as the recent brutal crackdowns on the Falun Gong attest.