(Minghui.org) A family’s fate was changed because of a Falun Dafa sign they saw during a family trip. They want to share their story in hopes that more people embrace the practice.


Father Begins Practicing

In 2006 the family of three went on vacation in northern Taiwan. When they drove by Feifeng Mountain in Hsinchu, they saw a large billboard with the words “Falun Gong” by a mountain road. The father Mr. Wang Huanqi thought that it would be nice to practice qigong. Because no one had a pen or paper, he asked his wife and son, “Let’s each remember two numbers so we can put together the six-digit phone number. I want to make a call when we get home.”

He began to do the Falun Dafa exercises with local practitioners after he contacted them. He later attended the Nine Day Falun Dafa Lecture Series and listened to the teachings. Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a spiritual discipline with five exercises that can help one improve one’s mental and physical fitness.

Mr. Wang just went through bankruptcy because someone cheated him in his business. Not only did he lose all his money, he was in serious debt. He wondered why he still had nothing after working so hard for years. Desperate to make money, he became involved in a gambling business, but he still struggled to make money.

The billboard on the mountain road turned his life around. After he began practicing he felt that Master arranged for him to not make much money in the gambling business so that he would not become too involved. Looking back, it was a good thing.


Complete Change

He quit smoking after he learned Falun Dafa. Quitting smoking was hard at first. One day he couldn’t curb his urge to smoke and went to his balcony for a cigarette. He noticed that all of his plants wilted and died! He realised that he was doing something wrong, took out the pack of cigarettes in his pocket, and threw it away. He quit after smoking for 28 years.

His personality improved and he abided by Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in everything he did. Everyone in the family noticed the positive changes, especially his wife, who began practicing two months later.

Mr. Wang Huanqi (right), his wife Ms. Fan Yanqi (left), and their son Mr. Wang Zhaoru all practice Falun Dafa.


Leg Heals After Fractured In Three Places

Mr. Wang became a real estate developer, and the business boomed because he treated people honestly. When he and his brother looked at a piece of land on a mountain one day in 2013, he had an accident and fell off his scooter. His brother rushed him to a hospital, where the doctor found that his left leg was fractured in three places. The doctor suggested surgery but could not guarantee that he’d walk normally again.

He decided not to have surgery, and let his bone heal on its own. The nurse bandaged and immobilised his leg and the doctor let him go home. Despite the pain, he did the exercises while sitting down, and studied the teachings as usual. In the beginning, he could not bend his legs when he meditated. Three weeks later the pain lessened, and he was able to meditate with one leg crossed.

Six weeks after the accident he tried to meditate with both legs crossed. His tears flowed and he sweated profusely because of the tremendous pain. When he persisted, he felt many Falun (Law Wheels) rotating where his leg fractured, and the pain ceased.

His leg completely recovered two months later and he no longer needed crutches. His family and friends saw the incredible healing power of Falun Dafa. Tears still come to his eyes when he recounts his miraculous recovery from the accident. He feels grateful for Master’s protection.


Son’s Speedy Recover from Brain Injury

When his son, Mr. Wang Zhaoru, was little, he used to go with him to the Falun Dafa study and exercise sessions in the mornings. After Zhaoru went to middle school, he stopped going because school became demanding. He completely stopped practicing after he went to college.

While he was riding his scooter to class in 2019, Zhaoru got into a severe accident. The doctor told his parents that he needed emergency brain surgery to save his life. His father asked Master to help him. He held his son’s hands and said, “Zhaoru, remember Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good. Master will help you, don’t worry.”

Inside the ICU, his mother repeatedly read him Master’s poems in Hong Yin. After about two weeks, when his mother read the title of the first poem, Tempering One’s Heart and Will, he said the first sentence. His mother was exhilarated. The two read the book together that day. Later Zhaoru was able to memorise a long poem. His mother knew that Master was encouraging her and her faith in Falun Dafa.

After he was discharged from the hospital, he quickly recovered. Knowing that Falun Dafa helped him get his health back, he decided to resume practicing.

Blessed by the practice, the family hopes that more people will practice Falun Dafa, and find the meaning of life like they did.