(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners held a rally in front of Parliament House in Canberra on March 27, 2024. They called on the Australian government to help stop the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) nearly 25-year-long persecution and help secure the release of persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners who are family members of Australian residents.

Tourists and Parliament staffers passed by on the pedestrian walkway beside their event. Seeing the peaceful rally, many signed the petition to express their support for practitioners’ efforts to end the persecution.

People in Canberra sign the petition calling to stop the persecution.

TV reporter Tom Connell passed by the event and said, “I think many of them [Members of Parliament] agree with [Falun Dafa’s] principles [Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance].”

He indicated that these principles are the purpose of life, and if there is no freedom to follow them, nothing will be meaningful.

Mr. Connell said that one day the Chinese people will grow tired of the CCP. He pointed out that the Berlin Wall collapsed, and one day the CCP will also collapse. He affirmed that Falun Dafa practitioners’ peaceful events continuously raise awareness of the CCP’s brutality.

Tom Connell is a political presenter and reporter for Sky News in Australia. He is based in Canberra and is Sky News’ chief election analyst. In 2019 he was appointed Director of the National Press Club of Australia.

TV reporter Tom Connell


Let People Know the Truth

When Cherry Bingal, who is a registered nurse, learned the purpose of the event, she expressed her support.

“It’s heartbreaking that Falun Dafa practitioners who practice Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance cannot have freedom of speech and belief in China,” she said.

Ms. Bingal also said that it’s important to speak out in order to let people know about the persecution, especially those people who do not know what’s happening in China. She said even she did not realise how brutal this persecution was.

“If you can follow the values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance no matter what adversity you face in your daily life, I think you will have a spirit of perseverance and become a better person,” she said, adding, “The current chaotic world will become better.”

Nurse Cherry Bingal (right) and a friend


Peaceful Petition Admired

Jithesh Chungath, a doctor at a hospital in the United States, was visiting his family in Australia. When he visited Parliament Hill that day, he noticed the rally, talked with a practitioner, and signed the petition.

“I felt the whole event was peaceful. And peaceful petitions have a greater impact,” he said. “They did a good job. It’s admirable.”

“I never heard of these principles, Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance before, and I think they are wonderful,” added Mr. Chungath. “This is a universal value and it is great.”

He said he hoped that the spiritual practice could spread more and that if everyone follows the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, the world would be better.

Jithesh Chungath signs the petition.


Peaceful Protest Shows Courage 

Niwma Hmidi from Melbourne works as a translator in a government department. After he signed the petition he said it was good to hold a peaceful protest and collect signatures.

Mr. Hmidi said, “I am very familiar with the ongoing persecution in China. I once watched a video about it. The Chinese Communist Party is really cruel and inhumane. Your appeals should be supported by the government. You are actually doing a good thing.”

He further stated that the peaceful atmosphere displayed at the event was remarkable. He noted that the practitioners stood up for their rights, made their voice heard, conveyed a message to the government and politicians, and also showed their courage.

Mr. Hmidi said he wished to support their efforts to raise awareness, and would tell his friends about the issue by posting the information on social media.

Government translator Niwma Hmidi signed the petition.