A Model Farmer Finds the Meaning of Life

(Minghui.org) Wu Ching-chung is from Yilan, Taiwan. After starting a business and becoming wealthy, he returned to his hometown. He planted silver willow and won first place in an international competition. He is the only flower farmer in Taiwan to export silver willow to Japan and the Netherlands. He received so many awards that he was unable to keep track of them. When someone asked him what his unique planting technique was, he said all his secrets came from practicing Falun Dafa.

He had a severe illness when he was 30 years old due to stress and hard work.

As a child, Wu was talented and intelligent and his family had high hopes for him. However, he felt hesitant and confused when he thought of the challenges of applying to a university.

In order to avoid the pressure of further education, after he graduated from high school, he went to a mountain to pick pears for two months. Afterward, he went to Taipei to look for a career direction and noticed a business opportunity in the beverage market. In 1990, at the age of 25, Wu earned his first ten million Taiwan dollars (US $325,449).

He said, “I never did business before, and I had to learn to deal with established businessmen. I had to deal with many things every day, such as issues at the factory. I had to deliver thousands of boxes of goods every day. The pressure was so huge that in the middle of the night, I raced my car to relax.”

His success did not bring him happiness or joy. Wu began to wonder whether this was the life he wanted. However before he figured it out, something unexpected happened.

He said, “When I was 30 years old, due to carrying thousands of boxes of drinks every day, my poor posture and the pressure at work suddenly caused me to be in constant pain. The doctor said it was sciatica. My back hurt whenever I moved, and I couldn’t do anything. I visited countless doctors, but nothing helped. It really broke me down.”

In addition to sciatica, atopic dermatitis, which plagued him for many years, made the situation worse. The itching and pain made him restless. “I tried everything: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, folk remedy, and physiotherapy.”

The price of fame and fortune caused him to lose the greatest capital in life – his health. At his lowest point, Wu’s good friend Lin Chung-chi brought him the exciting news. Wu recalled, “Lin and I participated in a kind of spiritual healing group, but we took different courses. One day he told me excitedly that a student in his class exuded a wave of energy, so strong, that even the teacher dared not approach him. That student said that he just came into contact with a practice called Falun Dafa.”

Wu Ching-chung (second from left) receives the first-place award for his silver willow.


Life-changing Experience

In order to find out more about Falun Dafa, Lin searched from Taipei to Yilan. In June 1997, he and Wu participated in the local Falun Dafa nine-day lecture class. Wu said, “I was amazed when I heard the Fa (teachings) on the first day. All my life-long questions were answered. It felt like my entire body suddenly enlightened.”

Wu continued, “Master Li (Falun Dafa’s founder) talked about the principles of loss and gain, the transformation of karma, and the essence of cultivation in the first lecture, which amazed me. I shouted in my heart, this is what I want. I listened very carefully, not wanting to miss a single word. But from the second day on, I was sleepy and slept during the class for the next nine days. Only later did I realise that Master was purifying my body.”

After the class, Wu threw away all the spiritual books, audio and video recordings that he spent a lot of money on in the past. “A serious illness made me start to search for the meaning of life. I was lucky enough to meet Dafa and understand what real cultivation is. Falun Dafa is simple and easy. It is free to learn.”

He gradually recovered from the condition that doctors could not cure. He was able to move goods again. But a month later, Wu suddenly felt something strange in his body, which seemed to be a precursor to sciatica. “I was a little scared because I was so sick before. But this time I didn’t go to a doctor or take any medicine. I chose to believe in Dafa. I knew that Master was helping me eliminate my karma. I just rested for an entire day. Three days later, my body was fine. I was completely different as if Master helped me get rid of sickness karma. I haven’t had a relapse in 20 years.”

Not long after his good friend Lin Chung-chi began practicing Falun Dafa, his depression, neurasthenia, long-term insomnia, and severe constipation were cured without any medicine. In order to let more relatives and friends learn about the practice, the two friends set up a group practice site in Yilan.

Wu said, “We first went to a location to practice the exercises and introduce Falun Dafa to local residents. When more people started to learn, we organised a group practice site and a nine-day lecture class. We then went to the next place to introduce Falun Dafa. Within two years, we established eight practice sites, each with dozens of people, and more than a hundred people began practicing.”

Wu Ching-chung reads Zhuan Falun every day


Model Farmer and Husband

After a serious illness caused Wu to let go of his desire for fame and money, he is determined to integrate the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance into his work and life. He wishes to be a farmer who weathers the wind and rain and a practitioner who keeps his feet on the ground.

He said, “I know that everything should be done well. Before I began farming, I researched how and why seeds germinate. Why do they bloom at this time and not at that time? It’s very simple. I learned the fundamentals. Later, an amazing thing happened. I found that as I continued to read the Fa, I was able to understand plants. Someone asked me what I saw in Zhuan Falun. I said I saw the knowledge and mysteries of agriculture.

“I saw the appearance of plant seeds in other dimensions when they germinate. Master also mentioned in the Fa that plants have feelings. So I also made an agreement with my wife to treat plants as important beings, treat them with sincerity and kindness, and not curse in front of them. When we treat plants with respect, they flourish.”

Wu began to plant fruit, rice, and black beans. He said, “My business method has only one central idea, which is altruism. I say this to my son, wife, and workers. Everything we do should benefit others.” Wu adopted a method of organic farming that does not damage the plants or the ecology and does not impact his neighbors’ rice fields. He also teaches other farmers his planting methods when they ask for advice.

Practicing Falun Dafa helps Wu to be a model farmer and a good husband. He said, “I used to attend a lot of social gatherings, and I sometimes returned home after midnight. My wife circled the days I returned after midnight on the calendar with a red pen. When my friend came to my house and saw the calendar, he asked me why there were so many red circles on it. My wife also said that she would learn to drive because this was the only way to find me. I no longer stay out all night. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, if I and family members have any conflicts, I first look inward to find out what was wrong with me. The family atmosphere has become better and better. My wife, parents, and children have all started to practice Falun Dafa.”

Wu said with a smile that his father is more diligent than himself after he began practicing, “Several years ago, my father was diagnosed with stage three liver cancer. The doctor said that he would not live long. My father did not have surgery but chose to go home to read the Fa and do the exercises. He read Zhuan Falun every day. The amazing thing is that he did not have typical liver cancer symptoms such as jaundice, abdominal distension, or loss of appetite. He is still alive and healthy at the age of 87.”

Wu Ching-chung at work on his farm.


Closing Remarks

When people call him a model farmer Wu smiles and tells them, “That’s just because I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If I have any achievements in society, it is directly related to Falun Dafa. Dafa helped me understand the true meaning of life, and what’s truly important.”