(Minghui.org) I am a 78-year-old woman living in the countryside. My husband died when I was 42, leaving me to raise our three daughters by myself while farming 7 mu (1.2 acres). There was tons of work and the pressure was intense. The mental pain plus the physical stress led to many problems. A badly herniated lumbar disc left me bent over at a 90-degree angle, and I was almost unable to walk. I ached all over, and even had difficulty cooking. Life seemed hopeless.

Many people in my village started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. Someone recommended it to me and I joined them in August of that year. I learned all five exercises in one afternoon and bought a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Gong. After that, I did the exercises with the group in the morning and read Falun Gong books with them in the afternoon.

My back pain went away not long afterward, and I could stand up straight again. The pain in my legs and elsewhere also disappeared. I felt like a new person and was filled with energy.


My Community

After Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) top leader, began to suppress Falun Gong in 1999, I went with other practitioners to tell people the truth about Dafa so that they would not be misled by the CCP’s defamatory propaganda.

Three of us started with the village Party secretary. We told him the basic facts about Falun Gong and how we followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our daily lives. The third time we visited him, he said, “I have read all of your materials and kept them safe.” He agreed to quit the CCP.

At a farmer’s market, we chatted with the director of the women’s federation in the village and she quit the CCP organisations. After she left the job, I visited the new director and she withdrew from the Party as well.

A former Party secretary in the village once directed some CCP members to dig drains on both sides of a major road. Although he was paid 60 yuan per day, the Party members quit after a few days because it was too hot and tiring. The women’s federation director asked us Falun Gong practitioners for help and offered the same pay. We said, “No problem” and added that we would do it for free. We worked hard and finished the project. The township Party secretary later praised our village for such great work.

“We have to thank the Falun Gong practitioners in our village,” the village Party secretary explained.

“Falun Gong?” asked the township Party secretary with a frown.

The villagers standing by the side smiled. Seeing this, the township Party secretary smiled, too.

On snowy days, we often went to the nearby farmer’s market to clear the roads. “We really like coming here – it is so well cared-for,” some of the vendors commented. For a while, the trash in the village piled up and no one came to pick it up. Several of us practitioners chipped in to hire someone to remove the trash in a truck. The villagers were very happy.


Several Stories

After moving to the city with my daughter, I continued to look for opportunities to tell people about Falun Gong.

One day when I was doing laundry in the common area in the community, an elderly woman sat down next to me. Seeing her hand shaking constantly, I asked her if she was all right. Weak and tired, she slowly said to me that she had numerous illnesses and needed medication every day. Because of her condition, she was hospitalised several times a year. Lots of money had been spent, but she was still suffering.

“I have a secret remedy,” I said. “It won’t cost you a penny and it works well. Do you want to try it?” I asked.

“Really?” she asked excitedly.

I explained to her that when we were in school, we had all joined the CCP’s junior organisations such as the Young Pioneers and the Youth League. In fact, we had sworn to devote our lives to the Party. Because of the unpardonable sins it has committed over the past few decades, heaven will hold in accountable. By renouncing our memberships in the regime and reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” we would be blessed with safety and good health.

She thanked me and agreed to quit the Party. The next day, I said the same thing to her husband and he also agreed to quit the CCP organisations.

I did not see the woman again until the following spring. She was so excited to see me and literately ran towards me. She held my hand and said, “I really have to thank you!”

“I did not do anything,” I replied. “You can thank Falun Gong’s founder Master Li.”

“Thank you, Master Li!” She said.

Several years have passed, and I often see her shopping or walking in the park. I once asked her if she was still reciting the phrases I told her, and she replied, “I will keep them in my mind for my whole life.”

Once I saw my friend Hua and noticed that she was abnormally skinny. She said she’d already had two surgeries after being diagnosed with liver stones. She lifted her clothing and I saw several bags hanging from her torso.

“Only Falun Gong can save you now. Have you quit the CCP organisations?” I asked.

She said that she had not. After I explained the importance of quitting the Party, she renounced her membership in the CCP organisations. Later on, everyone in her family, all nine of them, did also.

When I met Hua again, she had fully recovered. Her family members who had quit the CCP were also blessed. Her children found decent jobs and enjoyed good heath. Her husband, who had retired, also found a job as a gatekeeper. They have a stable income with nothing to worry about.

One day, I was having my grain milled in my hometown when there was a power outage.

“We never lose power here,” said the one of the people operating the mill.

As I thought about it, I realized that this might be a hint for me to tell them about quitting the CCP organisations for a safe future. Nine of them agreed to sever ties with the CCP in a short time. One of them was the daughter of a former Party secretary of the village. She was a CCP member and worked as a teacher.

Another time, practitioner Lan and I went to a village three kilometers (2 miles) away on a motorcycle. Before we left, I sent forth righteous thoughts for the villagers to gather together to get the materials. When we got there, we found them already waiting—as if they’d been expecting us.

“Hi, everyone. I have something great for you all. Please come up and get it,” I said.

“What is it?” one of them said. “Oh, they are beautiful calendars. This is great.”

I explained the importance of cherishing traditional values and quitting the CCP organisations. One by one, they agreed to renounce their memberships in the regime and were given a calendar and other Falun Gong materials.

Lan and I once went to a farmer’s market to distribute materials. We were a little late and the market was almost closed. Seeing a group of people chatting, I went up to them and unfolded a New Year couplet, “Keeping in mind Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, one will be blessed with health and happiness.” They all liked it and asked for a copy. It was so crowded that I could hardly get off the tricycle.

Many of us practitioners submitted criminal complaints in 2015 against Jiang for persecuting Falun Gong. When I visited my hometown, I heard that a few practitioners hadn’t filed complaints, because they didn’t know how to do it. I showed them how I did it and prepared an example for one practitioner. Sixteen more practitioners filed complaints in the end.


Witnessing Miracles

I have a jujube tree in the yard and saw the auspicious udumbara flowers on its leaves. I know this was encouragement from Master. A few other practitioners also saw the same thing.

I was working in a flower shop one day, when a couple bought some flower from me and left. When I went outside later on, I was surprised to see that they were still there standing next to their bicycle.

“I don’t know what happened,” the man said. “The key just does not work today.”

I did not say anything and went closer. I pointed at the bike lock and said, “Open.” With that word, the lock turned with a click.

“Ma’am, are you a Falun Gong practitioner?” asked the man.

I did not say anything and just looked at him smiling.

“You are so nice, just like my mother,” the wife said.

After they left, I realised I did not know what had happened, either. I guess Master gave me the ability to help people.

My entire family is now happy and doing well, including my three daughters, three sons-in-laws, and four grandchildren. They support me practicing Falun Gong, and are always willing to put up couplets on their doors with phrases related to Falun Gong. Their jobs have gone well and I know all these are blessings from Falun Gong.