(Minghui.org) Swedish practitioner Christina is thankful to Mr. Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s founder, for introducing the practice in Gothenburg 28 years ago. Master Li held a lecture session and taught the exercises here in early April 1995.

Christina, 77, said she had longed for a spiritual path since she was in her 20s. After she married and had children, she spent most of her time taking care of the family. As her children grew up, her aspiration to find spiritual guidance grew ever stronger.

“I always had a dream – becoming someone with enlightenment,” she recalled. “There is a clear picture in my mind, that is, that I once lived in a place where human beings and the divine coexisted.” But she did not dare to talk about it, worried that other people might find it ridiculous.


Memorable Time

After finishing a lecture session in France in early 1995, Mr. Li was invited to give a seven-day lecture session in Sweden around Easter. “It was a very special period of time, although at that time I did not fully realise how precious it was,” she explained.

Christina said she heard about the lectures from her daughter, who’d learned about it at a childcare workshop in preparation for her upcoming baby. She asked Christina if she would be interested, and Christina immediately said she would go. “Before my daughter told me about the lectures,” Christina recalled, “I had a strong feeling that a great master would come to me and I just needed to follow him.”

But one week before Master Li arrived in Gothenburg, Christina hurt her lower back and had difficulty moving around. When she called her daughter about what to do, the reply was, “Please just come.” She leaned her car seat back so that she was able to drive all the way to Gothenburg in a half-lying position. Looking back, Christina was grateful that she did not miss this opportunity.

Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, introduced the practice in Sweden in April 1995.


Enormous Compassion

It was a wonderful experience, and Christina knew she had met a great master. “He had the purest energy I had ever seen, clear like crystal,” she explained. “Master was tall, kind, and approachable. Many of the questions we asked were low-level ones and even sounded silly. But Master was patient and explained to us again and again. He also kindly taught us the exercises and corrected our movements.”

When the translator didn’t convey the meaning accurately, Master would know immediately. “To help us understand the teachings, Master explained things again and again with illustrations,” she said. Although she did not know how to express it, she felt she understood the content well. “Other than Falun Dafa’s Master, no one has been able to explain life and the universe so clearly,” she added.


Witnessing Miracles

Falun Dafa teachings are profound, and they expanded Christina’s understanding of the relationship between the cosmos, heaven, earth, and human beings. Compared to that, Christina found her earlier efforts to seek the purpose of life insignificant. “I found peace and safety in my heart, which brought harmony from inside to outside. I was deeply amazed,” she said. “In that week, my daughter and I often looked at each other – we were so fortunate to know Falun Dafa.”

During the lectures, Master gave off transparent light with strong energy to adjust practitioners’ bodies. “I always focused my attention on Master’s guidance. After the lecture session, I felt great. My back was straight whether I was walking or driving,” Christina continued. “I did not even realise when the back pain that bothered me earlier was gone.”

Deep down, Christina knew it was Master who’d helped cleanse her body. “I witnessed how extraordinary and sacred Dafa is. And my gratitude to Master is beyond words,” she added.


A Happy Family

Christina likes a quiet lifestyle. This helps her to be calm and clear and able to do things quickly. Her gardening and bee business is well known in the area.

After she began to practice Falun Dafa, she followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and constantly improved herself. Family members and relatives noticed she had more energy. Her bad temper disappeared. “Looking within according to Dafa’s teachings and improving myself is a magic tool,” she explained. “Sometimes I did not do well, but I always tried to do better the next time.”

Her husband Leif was surprised by all her changes. He knew it was Falun Dafa that caused them. “Leif is a strong-minded person and he would not easily believe anything,” Christina said. “At first, he listened when I read the Falun Dafa books. Later on, he also bought a copy of Zhuan Falun (the primary text of Falun Dafa) to read himself.”

As time went on, Leif began to learn the exercises and looked inward to improve himself as well. Soon after that, he was able to get rid of some bad habits that he’d had for decades, including hunting and drinking. His body and mind improved.


Helping Others

Looking back, the days with Master around Easter in 1995 were the happiest moments in Christina’s life and became an everlasting memory. Whenever she recalls those days, she is motivated to cultivate diligently. “I am very thankful that I was able to know Falun Dafa through my daughter and find the path to return to [my heavenly] home,” she said. “On my cultivation journey, Master has been protecting me all along, cleansing my body and resolving many tribulations. I am so fortunate!”

She also wanted to thank her daughter and other practitioners in Sweden for their support over all these years. Their support has allowed her to step forward to validate Dafa and share information about it with many others. “I hope more people can learn the facts about Falun Dafa and benefit from it like I have,” she added.

Christina (in orange) describing a painting in the Art of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) International Exhibition in Sweden

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