Hiroshima, Japan: People Are Interested in Falun Dafa’s Message of Hope During Autumn Festivals

(Minghui.org) November is the peak of the autumn season in Japan. Many autumn celebrations that were stopped for two years due to the COVID pandemic resumed this year. Practitioners in Hiroshima participated in the Kabe Public Hall Festival on November 6, the Higashihiroshima City Lifelong Learning Festival, and the Citizen Exchange Festival to tell people about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China.


Demonstrating the Exercises at the Kabe Public Hall Festival

Practitioners were invited to demonstrate the exercises on stage during events held at the Kabe Public Hall Festival on November 6. Many people stood up from their seats to imitate the exercise movements while practitioners did them. Some said that they felt very relaxed and comfortable afterwards.

After the exercise demonstration, two ladies asked practitioners about Falun Dafa, and when the exercises would be taught at the Kabe Public Hall. The practitioner told them that Falun Dafa is beneficial for both mind and body. Not only does one need to do the exercises, the cultivation of one’s heart is an essential aspect of the practice. Only when one improves one’s character, can one truly attain good health through doing the exercises.

Both ladies nodded repeatedly and said that this is what they had been looking for.

Practitioners demonstrate the exercises at the Kabe Public Hall Festival on November 6th.


East Hiroshima City Councilors Learn About Falun Dafa

Practitioners also participated in East Hiroshima City’s Higashihiroshima City Lifelong Learning Festival on the same day. They set up a booth, distributed information about Falun Dafa, and taught people how to fold small paper lotus flowers. Many people stopped by the booth.

City councilors Kayoko Shigemori and Mistuaki Kitabayashi came to the Falun Dafa booth and talked to practitioners while they learned how to fold paper lotus flowers.

Kayoko Shigemori mentioned that when he was the president of the Rotary Club 10 years ago, he heard about Shen Yun from Falun Dafa practitioners. He heard about this year’s upcoming Shen Yun performances during this festival.

Practitioner Ms. Qing Guang said that so many people visited the Falun Dafa booth that she ran out of materials.

Children learned how to fold small lotus flowers at the Falun Dafa booth during the Higashihiroshima City Lifelong Learning Festival.


People Learn about Falun Dafa During the Citizen Exchange Festival

During the Citizen Exchange Festival on November 19 and 20, practitioners not only demonstrated the exercises, they also gave waist drum performances and a drama performance, “Story of the Deity Teaching People to Write.” They also showed people how to make small lotus flowers.

When practitioners demonstrated the exercises, a man who did the movements with them from the beginning to the end, said that he felt great energy and exclaimed, “The energy field here is so strong!”

A young man said that the small lotus flowers were very pretty, so he came to the booth to learn how to fold one. A practitioner told him that in the past 23 years, Falun Dafa practitioners did not give up their belief and persisted in spreading the truth despite the persecution. She explained that the lotus flower symbolises practitioners’ strong faith and not relenting in the face of the persecution. They are like lotus flowers rising out of the mud.

The young man said that this was the first time he had heard about the persecution and he was shocked. Many people talked with practitioners during the event. Several thanked them and said they gained a deep understanding of Falun Dafa and expressed their support for the practice.

Practitioners demonstrate the exercises during the Citizens Exchange Festival.
Many people learn the exercise movements during the Citizen Exchange Festival.

Hiroshima, Japan: Introducing Falun Gong at a Community Event