Perth: Rally Recognizes the 400 Million People Who’ve Quit the CCP Organisations

( Falun Gong practitioners held a rally in Perth’s city centre on August 21, 2022, to celebrate 400 million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organisations.

The names and pseudonyms of each person who has withdrawn are posted on the website of the Global Service Center to Quit the CCP, along with which CCP organisations they have quit. Several VIPs attended and spoke at the rally in Perth.

The rally, the waist drum performance, and the dragon dance drew many people in to watch. People who spoke with practitioners agreed that the communist regime is very dangerous. Many expressed their support for the 400 million Chinese people who have quit the Party organisations.

The Falun Dafa waist drum team performing at the rally

Passersby’s learn about Falun Dafa and sign the petition in support to end the persecution.


Professor of Law: Do My Best to Support You

Augusto Zimmermann is a professor and the head of law at the Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth. He is also an adjunct professor of law at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney and president of the Western Australia Legal Theory Society.

Speaking at the rally, Professor Zimmermann said that it was laughable when the CCP complained about foreign powers, because communism is a foreign power in China. The ideology was created by Karl Marx, a German, and was exported to China. And this ideology has led to human catastrophes and mass deaths.

He pointed out that it was time for the Chinese to revive their culture and restore the freedoms they deserve. He said he would do everything he could to support practitioners because he has advocated for human rights all his life.

“The best thing the Chinese can do is to be Chinese again and restore their roots and traditions,” Professor Zimmermann said.

Professor Augusto Zimmermann speaking at the rally


The CCP Does Not Represent the Chinese People

Richard Lue, the founder of the Perth Anti-CCP Association, said that it was a great success that 400 million people have quit the CCP organisations.

He condemned the CCP persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. He said that the CCP has persecuted Falun Gong for decades and this has not been noticed by people for a long time. “But due to the unremitting efforts of Falun Gong practitioners, the public has been made aware of this matter,” he said.

“Under the CCP regime, freedom does not exist. We cannot believe anything the CCP says. What we have to do is quit the CCP and let the world know that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people.”

Richard Lue, founder of the Perth Anti-CCP Association, speaking the rally


Public Support of the Withdrawals

Karma from Bhutan and Ben, an Aussie, stopped to watch the rally for a long time. They signed the petition calling for an end to the CCP’s persecution. Karma said, “From this event, I realise that the Chinese and the CCP are not the same thing. That opened my eyes. The Chinese people, like us, pursue freedom and happiness, and the Chinese government is controlling people.

“I think it’s good that 400 million people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations,” she said. “It’s good that people know what’s going on—it’s their right to know.”

Karma (first on left) and Ben (first on right)

Ed Carpio from the Philippines said, “This event is important because it’s good to express your voice. I definitely support it because I’ve been watching a lot of news, and a lot of things are happening in the world. The Communist Party is bad, it is tyrannical. The Communist Party regime is very dangerous. I don’t like it. I definitely support 400 million Chinese people quitting the Party.”

John Lok, a surveyor from the United Kingdom, said, “I think quitting the CCP is totally fine. Why not? Everyone needs to know about it and support it.”

People were willing to listen to Falun Dafa practitioners whom explained the brutality of the CCP
The dragon dance team.


Background: What Is Falun Dafa and Why is the CCP Persecuting it?

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) was first introduced to the public by Mr. Li Hongzhi in Changchun, China, in 1992. The spiritual discipline is now practiced in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Millions of people who have embraced the teachings, which are based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and have learned the five exercises have experienced improved health and well-being.

Jiang Zemin, former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), perceived the spiritual discipline’s growing popularity as a threat to the CCP’s atheistic ideology and on July 20, 1999, he issued an order to eradicate the practice.

Under Jiang’s personal direction, the CCP established the 610 Office, an extralegal security organisation with the power to override the police and judicial systems and whose sole function is to carry out the persecution of Falun Dafa. has confirmed the deaths of thousands of practitioners as a result of the persecution over the past 23 years. The actual number is believed to be much higher. Countless practitioners have been imprisoned and tortured for their faith.

There is concrete evidence that the CCP sanctions the harvesting of organs from detained practitioners, who are murdered to supply China’s organ transplant industry.

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