Michigan: University Students Learn Falun Dafa


(Minghui.org) More than 10 students from Rochester University in Michigan recently gathered at a park in Troy on the morning of April 2 to learn something new. Several weeks earlier, they heard about Falun Dafa during a world religion class and were interested in exploring more.

“The meditation exercises are really good,” one student said. “They relieved stress and lifted my spirit.”

Despite its huge benefits, the practice has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1999. When the students were told about these human rights violations, one student said, “I definitely want to find out what’s happening in China.”


Students learn the exercise movements.
Question and answer session.


“My Most Memorable Experience”

Professor Keith Huey has taught world religion for almost 20 years, and he organises study abroad classes in different parts of the world. While traveling to Europe, he and his students have seen Falun Dafa practitioners in many cities including Vienna, Prague, and Berlin.

“We stayed in Vienna and I asked the students to visit and explore places near the area. Some saw Falun Dafa practitioners meditating in Prague and joined them. It was fascinating,” he recalled.

Another time, he and his family went on a vacation in Europe. “At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, we saw hundreds of practitioners holding a parade. They came from various countries throughout Europe with one purpose—to raise awareness of the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in China,” he explained. “That was my most memorable experience.”


Part of Curriculum

Since then, Professor Huey has included Falun Dafa as one of the topics he teaches. In 2006, he began inviting local practitioners to his classroom to share information with his students – from what Falun Gong is to the suppression in China and practitioners’ efforts to oppose the persecution.

“I have done some research on this. Falun Dafa practitioners share their personal experience from their practice and provide information that cannot be obtained elsewhere,” Professor Huey said. He was surprised to learn that local practitioners have participated in various activities in the community for the past 20 plus years, and that similar events happen in other regions of the world. “I like this idea since it connects people from around the world and shares something important,” he added.


A practitioner (left, standing) talks about Falun Dafa to students on February 22, 2022.
Practitioners demonstrate the fifth exercise, the meditation.
Professor Huey and his students learned the exercises.


Pure Energy

Monica Luklmski from Poland said she found the practice amazing. “The gentle movements are relaxing. That was how I felt when watching the demo – I think lots of other students have the same thought,” she continued, “When I tried it myself, I felt very comfortable and energetic. This is something I have been waiting for.”


Monica Luklmski said she thought Falun Dafa was amazing.


Henry Horton III said he also liked the practice. “It does take some effort to do the exercises. But I could feel strong, pure energy.”

He thinks it is a shame that such a wonderful practice is being persecuted in China. “Communism is terrible. Slave labor and brainwashing should not exist anywhere in this world. I hope this will change since people there [in China] also need to know the truth. I really feel sorry for practitioners since they have suffered so much for their faith. I do believe more people need to know what is happening,” he said.

Professor Huey agreed, “The facts are astonishing and they won’t easily go away.”