(Minghui.org) I have a sister who, since she was young, was pampered by my parents. She studied hard when she started junior high school, then often skipped class to go out and play. Despite repeated incidents, she just wouldn’t listen.

When she reached the third year of junior high, she stopped coming home after school and hung out with a group of unsavory types. My parents were very worried and tried everything to stop her from hanging out with these people, but to no avail. They were exhausted and had no way to manage her. Because of this, my father became so depressed that he finally passed away.

Ultimately, my sister became addicted to drugs. She was in her early 20s, and didn’t take life seriously. She went to the drug rehabilitation centre many times, but it always ended up with my mother and I spending some money to bring her back home. Before long, she would run away again. Gradually, we gave up and thought that her life was hopeless. My mother felt helpless and heartbroken.

Mother started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. She knew that only Dafa could save my sister. Therefore, she used the compassion that she had cultivated in Dafa to treat my sister.

Whenever my sister became penniless and had no place to go, she would come back home and my mother would always invite her in, prepare hot water for her to have a bath, make her nice food, tell her the principles of Falun Dafa that she learned and play Master’s lectures for her to listen to.

Our house was a group Fa study site, and there would often be young practitioners sharing their cultivation experiences. Under their influence, my sister’s heart has gradually taken a turn for the better.

She understood that a person must live like these young practitioners who are upright, kind and behave like good people – openly and with dignity. She understood that Gods exist and people need to believe in Gods and be respectful to them.

However, getting rid of her drug addiction wasn’t easy. After recovering from addiction, she would run away again. But shortly after, she would return home again and listen to mother tell her stories about cultivating in Dafa. This went on repeatedly.

My mother then handed her the keys to the house, keeping all the money and valuables in their same locations without hiding them, as she believed deeply that Dafa could definitely change my sister.

Gradually, my sister really changed. She became like a new person. Her once dark and yellow complexion now has a natural glow, her dark lips now have color, and her attire is more tidy and clean.

My sister voluntarily kept her distance from that group of friends and totally got rid of her addiction to drugs. She found a job, started a family and has a cute daughter. Bathed in Dafa’s divine light, my sister transformed her life.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) started persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999 and instigated the “self-immolation” hoax on Tiananmen Square to incite hatred against Dafa. My sister did not believe in those lies and knows that Dafa is good, as those practitioners whom she has interacted with are all good and kind.

Therefore, my sister still went to my mother’s place and helped her make truth-clarifying materials and went out with mother to distribute them. As she was afraid that mother would be reported to the police from distributing Dafa materials, she took the materials and her daughter to every floor of the buildings to distribute them, while mother sent forth righteous thoughts downstairs.

During these 20 plus years of the CCP’s persecution of Dafa, my mother and I were often harassed or detained. However, my sister never complained and would send us clothes and money. During those few years that I was incarcerated, my sister brought my children to come and see me every month.

I was held in a brainwashing centre two years ago. It was located at a very far end of the city. My sister drove the car and brought our mother to see me. Every time, my sister would look for the brainwashing centre staff and question them as to why they were detaining me, and which law I broke. When she saw me, she asked if I had been beaten or had any injuries. Before long, I was released.

When the CCP started the so-called “zero out” harassment campaign, the police called my sister every day, telling her that I had to go and see them. If not, they would treat me as a wanted criminal. During those few days, with news of local practitioners being arrested every day, I felt the pressure from other dimensions was tremendous.

My sister drove the household registration police officer to a place to meet me, so I could clarify the truth to him. I told him about how this CCP virus (COVID-19) had made so many people suffer and has not yet ended.

A larger disaster is still looming, but those who treat Dafa practitioners with kindness will be able to avert the disaster and obtain blessings. The officer nodded in agreement, and said that he was only following orders that were forced on him by his superiors. However, he now understood the truth.

My sister told me that her company only employs people with a minimum of a university degree, and many people pulled strings to get in. Despite this, their salaries are not as high as hers and she has only a junior high school qualification. As we chatted and laughed, she put her palms together in front of her chest and thanked Master for giving her all this.

Some of her previous friends that she once hung around with are still being detained or in drug rehabilitation centres. Some are seriously ill, and some have already died. My sister is lucky. At the calling of Falun Dafa principles, she turned over a new leaf and is now a contributing member of society.