(Minghui.org) The Jiangxi Women’s Forced Labor Camp, located at 826 Bolan Rd. Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, was established in November 1991 and formally dismantled in October 2013.

During the 14 years between July 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong, and 2013, when the labor camp system in China was abolished, the Jiangxi Women’s Forced Labor Camp detained at least 249 female Falun Gong practitioners, using all kinds of most barbarous means of torture.

For example, in order to force practitioners to give up their faith, the guards frequently abused them and beat them up, forced them to stand still for long hours or to do intensive labor; practitioners were also subjected to freezing conditions, electric shock, hanging up in the air, intensive physical training, force-feeding, sleep deprivation, forced injection of unknown drugs, coercive brainwashing with slanderous publications and videos, humiliation, discrimination and other forms of maltreatment.

Due to tight information blockades by the CCP, some persecution cases have yet to be reported.

The 249 Falun Gong practitioners detained at Jiangxi Women’s Forced Labor Camp mostly came from various parts of the province, including:

85 from Nanchang (11 were detained twice, 4 were detained three times, and one practitioner was detained five times)
44 from Jiujiang (2 were detained twice)
40 from Yichun (2 were detained twice)
11 were from Fuzhou (4 were detained twice)
4 were from Ji’an
3 from Shangyao
18 from Lanzhou (3 were detained twice, 1 was detained three times)
10 from Yingtan (2 were detained twice)
9 from Xinyu (1 was detained twice)
8 from Pingxiang (1 was detained twice)
15 from unidentified places
2 from other provinces

Among the detained practitioners, at least three passed away as a result of the persecution and four suffered from mental disorders.


1. Unlawfully Detained Falun Gong Practitioners from Nanchang Region

Nanchang region includes Nanchang City, Nanchang County, Xinjian County (currently known as Xinjian District), Anyi County and Jinxian County. At least 85 Falun Gong practitioners from the Nanchang region suffered unlawful detention in Jiangxi Women’s Forced Labor Camp. Among whom, 11 were detained twice, 5 detained three times, and 1 five times.

Below are the names of known practitioners from the Nanchang region who were incarcerated at the labor camp.

Nanchang City: Chen Xiaojuan (twice), Wu Jingjun (five times), Jiang Lanying (twice), Deng Xiaomin, Liang Hongying (twice), Jiang Fengying, Pu Yuxian, Liu Zhaoqin, Xiao Genxiang (twice), Yu Cuihua (twice), Zhang Yingzhi, Liu Haizhen, Yu Baozhen, Qiong Quanmei, Liang Meihua, Yu Zhou, Xie Chunmei (three times), Xuan Haijin, Fu Jinfeng (twice, Nanchang Central Blood Station), Wan Xin’er, Fu Xiaoqin, Kong Xiangming, Li Fenyu (three times), Chen Dongmei (three times), Xia Mingjin, Chen Huaying, Wu Fengzhen, Ge Jinlian, Jiang Xiaoyan (twice), Wan Jianling (twice), Huang Liqiong, Fu Daofan (twice), Luo Chunrong, Shu Juan (twice), Peng Xiaolan, Wan Jing, Chen Hongmei, Liu Yongying (twice), Luo Pei, Chen Xiuzhen, Zhou Chunmei, Zhou Yinmei, Zhou Xinmei, Zhou Dongmei, Zuo Qianqian, Xu Wenjun, Tang Jieying, Xiao Yunqing, Wan Shaozhen, Xu Zhuying, Lin Qunying, Wan Wenjuan, Yu Yun, Zhao Zhongwei, Zong Xiaoyan, Chen Fanghua, Hu Huomei, Cao Yucheng, Zhao Guilan (three times), Wang Shuying, Zhou Lijuan, Luo Xiuying, Yu Runxiang, Yue Yuehong, Deng Zhaoxing, Gong Xiaohong, Zhang Jinxiu, Xiao Yanping, Liu Wenhong, Chen Mulan, Jiang Ling, and Lu Linxiang

Xinjian County: Xiong Meihua, Yuan Xianyun, Ge Manzhen, Cheng Guangping, Wei Meiying, Yu and Chen Xiaoju

Nanchang County: Chen Yulian (twice)

Jinxian County: Zhang Yuzhen, Li Fanglan (three times), Zou Liumei, Wu Chunling and Wan Taoying


Severe Persecution Cases

Case 1. Deng Xiaomin suffered mental collapse due to persecution

Ms. Deng Xiaomin, born in 1977, from Yiyang County, used to be a primary school English teacher. She was unlawfully detained for three years at Jiangxi Women’s Forced Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong, and was subjected to all kinds of cruel torture.

She was shocked with electric batons until she passed out many times; brutally force-fed until both her nostrils swelled up, festered and seeped pus.

Wang Junzheng, deputy leader of Division 1 (specially set up to persecute Falun Gong practitioners), once grabbed hold of her hair and dragged her into his office to beat her up.

In freezing cold winter, Ms. Deng was cuffed to a metal bed frame and forced to stand throughout the night, and such torture lasted over two months.

She was also locked up in dark confinement for over two years.

Wei Xiaomei, an inmate assigned to watch over Ms. Deng, used all kinds of means to torture her and beat her up frequently.

Due to constant torture and maltreatment over a long period of time, Ms. Deng could no longer take it and suffered a severe mental collapse in the end.

She was released in March 2003, but was never able to recover from her ordeals. She would often beat people, smash things, talk incoherently, and eat very little.

No one knows her whereabouts at the moment.