Crimes of Qi Li, Domestic Security Division Officer in Yushu City, Jilin Province, in Persecuting Falun Gong

Sept. 10, 2021 | By Minghui correspondent in Jilin Province, China

Sanctioning human rights abusers has become a consensus among democratic countries. After the U.S. passed the Magnitsky Act in 2016, Canada, the United Kingdom, and most of the 27-member-country EU enacted similar laws. Australia and Japan are working on similar laws.

In accordance with these laws, Falun Gong practitioners have compiled lists of perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong these few years. Every year, they submit several lists to democratic governments, urging them to sanction the named perpetrators.

Starting on July 14, 2021, Falun Gong practitioners in more than 30 countries have been submitting the latest list of perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong to their respective governments, calling for sanctions on these human rights abusers, including denying entry into their countries and freezing their assets overseas.

One name on this list is Qi Li.


Perpetrator Information


Full Name of Perpetrator: Qi (last name) Li (first name) (Chinese: 齐力)

Gender: MaleCountry: China
Date/Year of Birth: June 21, 1963
Home AddressYu Jing Hao Ting Residence Community
Building No. 5, Unit 2, Floor 8 East Gate
Yushu City, Jilin Province

Work unit: Domestic Security Division of Yushu City, Jilin Province
Title or Position: Police Officer


Main Crime

Qi Li has been a perpetrator of the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners for many years. His crimes include harassment, arresting, ransacking the practitioners’ homes, taking them to labor camps or brainwashing centres, as well as torturing them.

As he has served longer than several captains in the Domestic Security Division of Yushu City, he participated in the persecution of a large number of Falun Gong practitioners, causing great harm to them and their families.

He is one of the perpetrators directly responsible for the persecution and deaths of practitioners Ms. Li Fengqin and Ms. Cui Zhanyun.

The following are some examples of Qi Li’s participation in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

These are only the tip of the iceberg:

Case 1

Twelve practitioners were arrested by the Yushu Domestic Security Division on October 11, 2005. One of them, Ms. Li Fengqin, was kicked by Qi Li in her groin. She was in so much pain that she lay on the ground and could not move. The flesh on her leg had separated from her bones. That afternoon, the police sent Ms. Li, who was no longer able to walk, to the detention centre. She passed away on January 30, 2006.

Case 2:

Ms. Cui Zhanyun and another practitioner were arrested by Qi Li and a few other officers on the afternoon of September 9, 2014. Three days later, by deceiving Ms. Cui to take her home, Qi and officer Fan Hongkai took her to a brainwashing centre. There, Ms. Cui was force-fed with toxic drugs by four people. She began to feel unwell on September 16 and was then released. Two months later, on November 3, she passed away.

Case 3

Qi Li and some other police broke into Mr. Ma Changqing’s apartment at 3 p.m. on the afternoon of November 15, 2010, and searched his home. They confiscated 33,550 yuan and several Falun Gong books. Mr. Ma was subsequently arrested and taken to a detention centre. Later, Qi Li took Mr. Ma to the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, but he was rejected admission due to his physical condition.

Mr. Ma’s arrest deeply terrified his family. His daughter was so scared that she suffered four episodes of twitching shortly after his arrest. On the second day of his arrest, the police returned to Mr. Ma’s apartment and ordered his wife, Ms. Mu Chunbo, to sign a document. Ms. Mu was so confused and scared that she started shaking. She was forced to sign the document. Shortly after the police left, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage due to mental distress. She remained in a coma for more than four months and passed away on March 29, 2011.

Case 4

Ms. Chen Shujie was arrested on March 2, 2003, and tortured by Qi Li and others. The following is her self-account:

“They handcuffed my hands behind me. Then they pushed my arms up from the back to the furthest extent, severely straining my joints. The excruciating pain caused me to have urinary incontinence three times. Yet they didn’t allow me to change my pants.

“The police slapped me in the face. When their hands were sore from beating me, they used slippers to hit me instead. They kicked my chest and face with their leather shoes and used two thick layers of plastic bags to cover my head. I could not breathe and fainted. They then poured cold water onto my face to wake me up, before continuing the suffocation torture. This led to a torturous cycle of fainting and waking up. Feeling that the plastic bags were too thin, Qi Li personally went out and bought thicker ones to torture me.

“Later, I was handcuffed to a metal chair for 25 consecutive hours without being allowed to sleep or eat. Before that, I had been on a hunger strike for four days. Four people tortured me in shifts of two at a time. Qi Li was one of them. While I was knocked out, Qi Li forcefully pressed my fingerprints on multiple unknown documents.”

Case 5

Ms. Zhang Guoqin was arrested on September 23, 2002, and taken to the Domestic Security Division. Upon her arrival, Qi Li and some other officers beat her in the face, head, back, and calves. Officer Chai Wenge hit her left breast with a baton. Qi Li then took the baton from Chai and beat Ms. Zhang’s groin.

The next day, Qi Li and some others took Ms. Zhang to a labor camp. Due to the severe injuries in her thighs from the beating, she was denied admission. Five days later, Qi Li and others took Ms. Zhang to the hospital and ordered the doctor to fabricate a diagnosis of her. She was accepted by the Heizuizi Labor Camp on September 30.

Case 6

Mr. Yang Zhanjiu was arrested in August 2002 and taken to the Yushu City Detention Centre. After 10 p.m., Qi Li and others hung him up by the wrists. They also kicked his legs, forcing his body to swing back and forth. The handcuffs cut into his flesh and he fainted before long. Mr. Yang was sentenced to seven years in prison and maimed due to the torture there.


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