A Communist Style Vaccination Campaign and What It Means to People

Sept. 4, 2021 | By Zhu Pingan

Recently, some local governments in mainland China have been publicly mandating vaccination for all, and a vaccination campaign has begun to emerge everywhere.


Vaccine Related Chaos

Some provinces or cities threaten their officials with lay-offs if they could not accomplish the 100% vaccination rate. In order to keep their jobs, officials invented all sorts of ways to get it done.

For example, some local governments require every government employee to identify and “encourage” at least two people to get the shots within three days. These employees were told to tender their resignation should they fail to accomplish the task.

Ezhou City Health Agency in Hubei Province announced that those who refuse vaccination without valid exemptions will be recorded as having bad credit history in their personal files.

Children are not spared either. Zhengyang County in Henan Province issued a notice to require every elementary and middle school student to provide vaccination certificates of their parents and both sets of their grandparents; otherwise, the children would not be allowed to go to school.

At one school in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, students were encouraged to report people who were not vaccinated. In fact, each student was asked to report at least two unvaccinated people.

“Guilt” by association also became a norm. The government of Taocheng Town in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Province, claims that the central government has made vaccination a “responsibility” and “obligation” that every citizen should fulfill. When one person is eligible for vaccination but refuses, his entire family will be implicated, with all subsidies taken away. A video showed that a person who was crippled by childhood vaccine was threatened by village officials with termination of his disability subsidy when he refused the Covid vaccine.

Police officers were heavily involved. The traffic police in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, went to the highway toll booth to vaccinate the people who drove by. The city also dispatched agents to inspect every village, including both residents and visiting relatives, to see if they’ve been jabbed.

A farmer in Pingchang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, said that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and police were acting crazy in his area. Over a dozen officials showed up at his home. They pinned him down on the ground and forcibly injected him with the vaccine.


1.9 Billion Doses Without Any Injuries or Casualties?

Like any other campaigns by the CCP, no voice is allowed other than the Party’s voice. A WeChat group formed by healthcare workers at the Guantao County Hospital, Hebei Province shows that the hospital is prohibited from issuing any diagnostic reports that may warrant vaccine exemptions. In other words, the hospital is ordered to administer the vaccines regardless of contraindications. In order to force vaccination, the CCP’s lower-level governments or organisations have no regard for the people’s lives

However, according to online posts and reports from Radio Free Asia, at least more than a dozen complaints of serious injuries or deaths after vaccination have been filed in Leshan City (in Sichuan Province), Zhangjiagang City and Jiangyin City (both in Jiangsu Province), Meizhou City (in Guangdong Province), Shijiazhuang City (in Hebei Province), and other places in the past month alone. But officials tightly blocked such information. In contrast, many other countries publish data indicating any side effects and adverse events. But in China, after 1.9 billion doses, there is not a single case of adverse event or death published. How can this be possible?

Despite the CCP’s vaccination campaign, the real effect of vaccines is widely questioned by ordinary citizens. In the new wave of outbreaks in Nanjing and Yangzhou (both in Jiangsu Province), the majority of infected people have been fully vaccinated, yet some of them still became severely or critically ill after catching the virus. On August 21, Shanghai confirmed five locally transmitted cases, all of whom have been fully vaccinated.

More and more people are questioning the effectiveness of vaccines, especially as some schools are forcing children to be vaccinated before the start of the school year. This caused a backlash from parents. One said, “If something goes wrong with my child because of vaccinations, I won’t let it go.”

According to a BBC report, among the 26 doctors in Indonesia who died of the coronavirus in June this year, at least 10 of them were vaccinated with the CoronaVac (also known as Sinovac) from China. In fact, all of them had received two doses.

The above cases have shown that the CCP’s vaccine has failed to prove its effectiveness, both in terms of protecting against the virus and reducing severe illness and mortality. Even vaccines in developed countries have shown a rising trend of cases of mutated viruses, meaning that the role of vaccines is deeply confusing to scientists and governments alike.

The CCP’s mandate of vaccination is neither for the health of the people, nor for the purpose of opening up the country after the mass immunisation has reached a certain level (for example, Singapore opened up its border after 80% of its population was fully vaccinated). Instead, it is purely to fulfill the task given by the higher-ups. This is because, when someone gets infected after being vaccinated, it is no longer the responsibility of the government leaders, but the “failure of the vaccine.”


A New Version of “The Great Leap Forward”

The CCP’s use of extreme and even violent means to mandate vaccination reminds people of the Great Leap Forward Campaign (1958-1962).

The normal yield of a mu (0.16 acre) of land is a few hundred pounds of grain, and no more than 700 or 800 pounds. However, after the CCP launched the Great Leap Forward campaign in 1958 to advance to communism, the regime called on farmers to produce as much crops as possible. The farmers had doubts, but some village cadres responded to the Party’s call by piling the grain from ten-acre of land together and claiming it was from one acre of land, thus artificially inflating the yield of grain.

On June 8, 1958, the People’s Daily published a report claiming that the second production brigade of the satellite agricultural society in Suiping County, Henan Province had an average yield of 2,105 pounds of grain per mu. After the news spread, on June 12 that year, the People’s Daily published another report that the first brigade of the satellite agricultural society in Suiping County had an average yield of 3,530.75 pounds per mu. One month later, on July 12, the People’s Daily published a third report saying that the Chengguan Commune in Xiping County, Henan Province had a yield of 7,320 pounds per acre.

It is well known that more than 30 million people died of starvation during the three-year famine from 1959 to 1961. Even former chairman Liu Shaoqi said that it was not a natural disaster, but a man-made one. Now, the vaccine mandate is like an upgraded version of the Great Leap Forward disaster, pushing the Chinese people into a more dangerous situation in the face of the raging mutated virus.


Closing Remarks

Since the CCP took power over 70 years ago, it has instilled the idea of atheism to fight against heaven and earth, claiming that “human beings will conquer heaven.”

However, whether it is the coronavirus, or the Zhengzhou floods, or the natural and man-made disasters that have occurred over the past two years, they all make people feel how vulnerable people are in front of disasters, and how absurd the slogan “human beings will conquer heaven” is.

In fact, in ancient China, people in general believed in the harmony of heaven, earth, and mankind. They understood that only by cherishing virtue and acting according one’s conscience will a person receive blessings.

With the CCP being the single biggest threat to the world, and Falun Gong practitioners being the largest group suppressed by the CCP, those who support innocent Falun Gong practitioners would receive blessings.

There have been many cases published on Minghui that people quickly recovered by saying “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” In fact, in the chaotic world, this is the solution for protection and blessings, because it can ensure one’s peace and safety in the face of calamity.


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