People are Reading Informational Materials About Falun Dafa

I’ve noticed that an increasing number of people are interested in reading Falun Dafa informational materials that practitioners distribute. I would like to share a few of my personal experiences.

I delivered Dafa materials to each household in a small neighborhood. When I passed by the next day, I saw several elderly men sitting under a tree and reading them. A gentleman walked by, so they handed him a pamphlet and said, “Come read this.”

At another area with many residential units, I brought many informational materials to distribute. Before I finished handing them out, a woman walked out of the corridor reading a flyer. She continued to read while walking into a clinic full of people.

On a different occasion, someone took a flyer I had just distributed to a crowded market.

Some residents greeted me while I was distributing the materials, or said a few kind words, while others thanked me, saying, “You have been working hard.”

My daughter recently went to her classmate’s home and saw a copy of a Minghui Weekly on her desk. Her classmate said she really enjoyed reading it.

My daughter explained to her the importance of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organisations. She helped her classmate quit the Party and advised her not to join them again.