We Come

We Come

From countless lifetimes
we come
to rise above storm
and strife
sail beyond all billow
of seas
into a light more luminous
than sun.

As boundless worlds
are one
and tempered hearts destined
to unfold
returning home upon finding
our path
for the ‘Great Buddha Law’
we come.



At the Helm

The hour resplendent
a new light aflame
with many hearts awakened
sails billowed one the same.

This voyage unchartered
a song from distant shores
crossing oceans unknown
towards a timeless dawn.

Beyond farthest horizons
and the widest of realms
transcending our human domain
with Master at the helm.




In a world where life so often mocks the seed and origins of creation, forget not to bring to your veins the rising sun and stretch of skies, the urge within to lift yourself up through the many strata of soil and matter into wings that an eagle would prize far greater than gold.

Treasures await an age no other could even dream, prophecies mere shortcomings to these. Bless each burden, each strident chorus for now. Do they not lead into the march where hearts and voices will soon praise this world again and all creation to come?


By G.T.