Traveling to Hundreds of Villages to Tell People About Dafa

I am 63 years old. Before I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2004, I was weighed down by many illnesses and always tired. My days were tough. Practicing Falun Dafa changed my life.

From a young age, I was interested in reading about and held tremendous respect for Buddhas. After I got married, I was too busy chasing after fame and gain. Given my lifestyle, I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and organ problems.

As I suffered, my temper worsened, and I often got angry with my family. The atmosphere at home was unpleasant because of me.


Learning and Benefiting from Falun Dafa

A doctor gave me the book Zhuan Falun in March 2004 and asked me to read it. Once I got home, I started to read the book and could not put it down. It was such a wonderful book, and I later learned that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda about Falun Dafa was all lies.

I was touched by Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. My mental state got better, and within two months, my health was restored.

From Dafa, I also learned to be more tolerant. Whenever I realised that I was angry, I immediately let go of my anger. My family soon noticed my change, and our home life became harmonious.

I remained steadfast in my faith despite pressure from Communist Party officials, my family, and others in society.

Through studying Dafa books, I understood that the root cause of illness is karma accumulated over time and from past lives.

When I first took up the self-cultivation practice, I felt a Falun spinning in my body. I understood that Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) was cleaning out bad substances from my body. When I saw many Falun in a room, I realised it was Master cleaning my environment.

My motivation for worshiping Buddhas in the past was not to cultivate myself but to ask for more money and health. Now, I practice because I want to return to my origin.


Telling Others about Dafa

In 2005, I started to tell my family members, friends and colleagues about Dafa and how it is persecuted by the Communist Party. All these people had witnessed my changes, so they believed in the goodness of Dafa and agreed to quit the Party and its youth organisations.

Then, I started telling other people when I’m on the street or in a market or village. Over the past ten years, I went to all the villages within 100 miles of my home.

I talked to people face to face in the beginning and then could do the same with multiple people at the same time. I often helped 20 to 30 people quit the Party each time, which added up to thousands over the years.

In one village, I saw few people on the street and went into a Mahjong house instead. I talked about the beauty of Dafa and gave people calendars and videos with information about Dafa, which they accepted. During that encounter, 23 people agreed to quit the Party.

In another village, I talked to 9 people who were peeling corn. Two were senior Party members. One said that he had been a member for far too long and decided to quit. The others then followed suit.

I also have many stories of entire groups or families quitting the Party.

It was not easy to get to these villages. Some could be reached by bus, but I had to change buses several times. Some villages even had no public transportation, and I had to take a taxi.

In these ten years, I returned home safely every time despite sometimes facing danger, such as people who threatened to report me. After I studied the Fa and looked inward, I found and eliminated my attachments.

Whenever I faced danger, I recited Master’s poem:

A Great Enlightened One fears no hardship

Having forged an adamantine will

Free of attachment to living or dying

He walks the path of Fa-rectification confident and poised

(“Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions” from Hong Yin Volume II)


Awakening of a Village Party Secretary

I went to a remote village in May 2017. At the entrance, two women sat under a tree. I told them that people all over the world practice Falun Dafa and that it is persecuted by the communist regime in China.

Suddenly, a man’s voice behind me said, “How dare you talk about Falun Dafa! Aren’t you afraid of being arrested?”

I turned around and saw a man sitting on a rock. I told him how the “Tiananmen self-immolation incident” was a hoax staged by the Communist Party and that more than two million people have filed criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former party leader who started the persecution. Then, I told him about the goodness of Dafa. He listened carefully.

He told me that he was the village party secretary. I told him that he should quit the Party so he would not be implicated when it is held accountable for its crimes in the future. He agreed immediately and accepted a lot of Dafa informational materials.

“Did you know,” I asked, “that the Party has persecuted Dafa for 18 years but has not succeeded in eliminating it?

Instead, more and more people have learned the facts. Your villagers are lucky to have a party secretary like you since they can learn about these things. I will tell more people and ask you not to interfere.”

The village was small. More than 20 people quit the CCP. One was a senior party member in his 80s. There were also many people who had never joined the Party or its youth organisations.