Peru’s Ministry of Health Invites Practitioners to Demonstrate Falun Gong Exercises

The Ministry of Health of Peru invited local Falun Gong practitioners to teach the five exercises to the citizens in Comas, a district on the north side of Lima. It is one of the most populous districts in Peru’s capital.

The community event was organised by the Ministry and the Comas District Council on August 25, 2017, at the Civic Centre of Comas to serve the elderly. The authorities at the Ministry know what Falun Gong is and have many times talked to practitioners about the possibility of participating in this event.


The Ministry of Health of Peru invites local Falun Gong practitioners to teach the elderly the five exercises at the Civic Center of Comas.


Over 400 people from various civic groups came to the event and filled the centre. The practitioners arrived in the morning, and 13 of them, wearing yellow T-shirts printed with “Falun Dafa,” performed the slow and harmonious movements with the soothing music, which gathered the attention of the participants. A dozen of them came to the front near the podium and imitated the movements as they learned.

After the demonstration many of the participants took the Falun Gong fliers and said they wanted to learn more about it. The organisers apologised for a lack of time and expressed a wish to schedule more time a few days later so that the people could gain further understanding of the practice.


Practitioners demonstrate the exercises at a community event at the Civic Centre of Comas.