Granted the Wisdom to Read Zhuan Falun in Chinese

I am 75 years old and of Korean ethnic origin. I started practicing Falun Dafa on June 5, 1996. As most of the practitioners in my area were of Han ethnicity, I wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese. With nobody around to teach me, I thought to myself, “I will learn by transcribing Zhuan Falun.”

So I started by imitating the strokes of each character in the book. Although my wrist got really sore, I persisted day after day until I completed the entire book.

Something fascinating happened in the process. I did not understand any of the characters I wrote during the day. But at night I would have dreams where I held Zhuan Falun in both hands and read it fluently. Initially I had no clue what was going on.

Later I realised that Master knew I was eager to learn Chinese and read the book, and therefore taught me how to read Chinese in my dreams. This solidified my belief in Master and Dafa, and strengthened my determination to continue my cultivation.

One day as I was looking at the characters in the book, I suddenly remembered how I read them in my dream. I was elated beyond words that I could read Chinese! Thus little by little I could read Zhuan Falun by recalling my dreams.

At first it took me over five hours to finish a chapter and I was not clear about the meaning. So I would reference the Korean version to help me understand better.

Now, after 20 years, I can fluently read and understand Zhuan Falun in Mandarin and enlighten to the Fa principles without the language barrier. When it comes to other lectures and articles, however, I still have to read the Korean version.

My daughter, who can read and write in Chinese, did not fully believe that I had truly learned to read the book like this. She once sat next to me to verify that I was reading the characters correctly. As she realised the extraordinary nature of what had happened, she said, “You are like an earnest student studying diligently at a university. If you continue like this, you will surely succeed and achieve your goal.”

She is right indeed. I am an earnest student of the Fa of the universe. It is my true blessing that Master taught me the Fa!