A College Professor’s Journey

My wife and I are in our early 80s. We started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Prior to becoming Falun Dafa practitioners, we were like two withering trees struggling to survive.

We are now certain that our lives were prolonged because we cultivate in Dafa.

There is so much we could tell people, but we will limit our sharing to one story. We will talk about an elderly professor who traveled nearly 300 miles to our home on four different occasions to learn Dafa. The professor is a renowned scientist in charge of several major scientific projects. Why would he, a man in his 70s, travel so far, and so many times to learn Dafa?

My relationship with that professor began 39 years ago, long before I practiced Dafa. I needed to see a doctor in the provincial capital, which was a 300-mile trip from my hometown. Our local hospital was not equipped to deal with my medical problems.

In 1976, I had come down with cataracts and vitreous opacities, which are spots or lines that appear to float in a person’s field of vision. Besides, I had also been diagnosed with central retinitis embolism – an obstruction, such as an air bubble – and inflammation of the retina.

The professor was my local contact and support during my stay in the capital city, frequently hosting me at his home, providing meals for me and connecting me with medical specialists. My health did improve, but my illness was not healed completely.

First Trip: Hearing the Truth

The professor and I had remained in contact all those years. He was quite surprised when I told him how I had recovered from all my illnesses after I began practicing Falun Dafa. It was very important to him to find out how I recovered, as he had also developed cataracts and vitreous opacities.

Due to his busy work schedule, he could only visit me for a few days. He arrived at my home during the 2012 Chinese New Year.

The first thing he noticed was that I no longer wore glasses. He asked if I’d had surgery. I again told him that I recovered because I cultivated in Dafa. He found it amazing and wanted to know as many details as possible.

“In 1976, the eye specialist you introduced me to said that there was no cure for my medical conditions,” I said. “I was not a candidate for surgery until I could no longer see my fingers. For decades, my eyeglasses had continued to increase in strength, and by 1996, my vision was blurred and could no longer be corrected with lenses.

“Fortunately, since I began practicing Dafa in 1997, my eyes got better and with the improvement, the strength of the lenses was reduced. In addition, I recovered my health and no longer suffered from any of my other illnesses, such as coronary heart disease, irregular heartbeat, and inflammation of the stomach.

“When I turned 80, I could read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Dafa, without glasses.”

I shared how my vision not only returned to normal, but that my wife’s vision also improved to the point that she could thread a needle again – something she had not been able to do for quite some time.

Questions Answered

Besides telling the professor about our personal experiences, my wife and I also recounted stories of other people who also benefited from Dafa. We spoke of people who recovered from late stage nasal cancer, lung cancer, bone fractures, heart disease, and serious car accidents.

We explained that these people either cultivated in Dafa, quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, or sincerely recited “Falun Dafa is Good.”

“Why are there so many extraordinary things happenings to these people?” the professor asked. “How would reading Zhuan Falun cure serious illnesses?”

“Dafa is an advanced cultivation practice from the Buddha School,” I said. “Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Dafa, made the practice public in May 1992. The core principles, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, are all explained in Zhuan Falun. Besides studying the book, practitioners also do five sets of gentle exercises.”

The professor next watched several lectures given by Master Li in Guangzhou. Before he left for home, he bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and a Shen Yun DVD. He also took some truth-clarification pamphlets.

Second Trip: Quitting the CCP

Even though the professor is extremely busy, he visited again on New Year’s Day in 2013. He even brought a friend. During this trip, both agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

On their return home, the professor’s friend found out about the software being used to circumvent the CCP’s Internet blockade from reading Dafa pamphlets. He wanted to browse the Minghui website, but couldn’t figure out how to use the software.

Third Trip: Learning the Dafa Exercises

During the 2014 Chinese New Year, the professor and his friend visited us again. After they told us the reason for this visit, we turned on the computer and showed the friend how to download and install the software. We also downloaded some of Master’s books and writings for the friend.

They wanted to learn the exercises, which was good timing. Our daughter was home and we were going to do the exercises.

It came as a great surprise that the professor’s friend was able to sit in the double lotus position immediately. Everyone smiled at this. Because my family were practitioners, they told us that we are a blessed family and that they envy us.

Fourth Trip: A New Practitioner

The professor came alone during the 2015 Chinese New Year. My home was very crowded because of a large family reunion, so I stayed in a hotel with him. This was a great time for us to talk. He asked me if I wondered why he had come so many times.

“I knew your health used to be very poor,” he said. “But now you have a rosy face and can do things like a young fellow. You don’t look like someone in his 80s.”

“In addition,” he continued, “you are kindhearted and have a high moral character. The changes in you have shown me the miraculous effects of this cultivation practice. I now know that it truly brings benefits to people and doesn’t harm anyone. I want to practice Dafa like you do.”

As the professor had heard about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party before, I brought it up on the computer. He read it in one sitting.

He stayed for three days this time. Upon leaving, he said that he would visit again.

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