China experts available for comment on Internet censorship, human rights and the Olympics

SYDNEY (04/08/08) – American Dr Erping Zhang and Canadian David Matas will
be in Australia from 4th to 17th August and will present at various functions
in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra on issues relating to China’s Internet
control, abusive organ sourcing, human rights, religious freedom and the Olympics.

Dr Erping Zhang is a Mason Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University. He specialises is China’s Internet censorship and control
(and anti-control). Dr Zhang is also the Executive Director of the Association
for Asian Research, a non-profit organisation based in New York City. His research
focuses on China issues.

Dr Zhang has served as a panel speaker at World Summit on Information Society
in Geneva, the European Parliament Conference on Internet, Democracy, &
Freedoms, and at a hearing on SARS in the U.S. Senate. Dr Zhang has spoken at
US Congress and before the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.
Mr Zhang has appeared on ABC’s The Nightline, The Charlie Rose Show, CNN, BBC,
and PBS. He has spoken at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Council
on Foreign Relations, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and at many other institutions.
Dr Zhang is also the international spokesperson for the New York-based Falun
Gong Information Centre.

Dr Zhang graduated with B.A. degree from Beijing International Studies University
and has received four graduate degrees in the U.S., including a Masters from
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and MPA degree from John F. Kennedy School
of Government at Harvard.

A recent paper by Dr Zhang was published in the Australian Institute of International
Affairs policy commentary:

David Matas is a high-profile international human rights lawyer and an expert
on current human rights issues in China. Mr Matas is the recipient of the 2007
Tarnopolsky Human Rights Award recognising his contributions to domestic and
international human rights. Mr Matas maintains a private refugee, immigration
and human rights law practice in Winnipeg, Canada. The author of eight books,
Mr Matas has been involved in a number of international groups promoting human
rights and high-profile cases before the Supreme Court of Canada.

David Matas will present to attendees at the XXII International Congress of
The Transplantation Society in Sydney, August 12 & 14, on abusive sourcing
of organs in China.

Recent report and paper by David Matas:

Bloody Harvest: Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun
Gong Practitioners in China:

China and Human Rights: A Global Strategy :

Posting date: 4/Aug/2008
Original article date: 4/Aug/2008
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