The World Today – Falun Gong prisoners targeted for organs: report

ELEANOR HALL: China’s human rights record is again under scrutiny, this time
at an International Transplantation Congress in Sydney. A Canadian human rights
lawyer says he has new evidence of forced organ removals from prisoners and
Falun Gong practitioners in China.

David Matas says Chinese hospitals perform 10,000 organ transplant operations
each year and that many of the recipients are foreigners. As Jennifer Macey
reports, he’s now calling on the Australian Government to do more to stop the

JENNIFER MACEY: China performs an estimated 10,000 organ transplant operations
each year more than any other country in the world except for the United States.
But China has no formalised system of organ donations and human rights groups
say the short waiting times and availability of organs in China raises serious
questions about their source.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch first reported 10 years ago that
the majority of these organs come from prisoners. Now Canadian Human Rights
Lawyer David Matas says among the prison population, it’s now members of Falun
Gong who are being increasingly targeted.

DAVID MATAS: China’s source of organs for transplants is almost entirely from
prisoners according to the Deputy Minister of Health it’s 95 per cent, according
to other statistics it’s 96 per cent. So it’s almost entirely forced organ harvesting.
And there’s two sources – it’s prisoners sentenced to death and Falun Gong practitioners.

JENNIFER MACEY: Mr Matas says hospitals and prisons have arrangements to split
the profits made through organ transplant operations, often to foreign patients.
He says the prisoners are killed after their organs are removed.

DAVID MATAS: Basically they wait until there’s an order from the hospital,
they will blood test the person, and then they inject the person with potassium,
and then they put them into a van and the actual organ extraction is in the
van, where the prisoner is killed through the organ extraction and then the
body is cremated.

JENNIFER MACEY: Last year David Mr Matas and Canadian former secretary of state
David Kilgour released a report investigating allegations of organ harvesting
of Falun Gong members in China. Mr Matas concedes it’s difficult to find proof
of this practise as China won’t release official statistics on executions or
organ transplants

But he says he has new audio tapes of Chinese doctors admitting they have Falun
Gong organs for sale.

DAVID MATAS: We had callers calling in to China pretending to be relatives
of patients who needed organs and asking the hospital that they were calling
for organs of Falun Gong practitioners on the basis that Falun Gong’s an exercise
regime that practitioners are healthy and their organs are healthy. And we got
admissions on tape throughout China and we’ve got the transcripts in our report
and we’ve got phone records and we got the tapes from pick up to hang down.

JENNIFER MACEY: Dr Yuan Hong worked as a heart surgeon for ten years at a medical
university hospital in north eastern China. He says it was an open secret at
his hospital that prisoners organs were used in transplant operations for patients
who had travelled from Japan.

YUAN HONG (translated): I start to notice these issues because one of the nurse
wearing the army dress and then I also find an anaesthetist also wear the same
clothes. So I ask him "why do you have to wear these clothes?" and
then he told me, "we have to go to the place where people do executions,
so we needed to transplant a kidney there."

JENNIFER MACEY: So you knew of Japanese people who were coming to your hospital
for organ transplants?

YUAN HONG (translated): Because foreigner came to our hospital to be treated.
It’s a hot topic, so everybody knows.

JENNIFER MACEY: Jennifer Zeng is a member of Falun Gong who was offered asylum
in Australia several years ago. In China she spent a year in a labour camp near
Beijing. She says at the camp her blood was taken for tests and she underwent
several health checks.

JENNIFER MACEY: Only Falun Gong practitioners were tested and get this physical
check up. A lot of Falun Gong practitioners thought that Falun Gong got some
special treatment, because they saw a physical check up after you were there
for long years, it’s good for your health.

So they ask the police, ‘how about we pay for the physical check’ and the police
clearly said no, it’s only for Falun Gong. So other prisoners even protested
against it, they say, they are not treated fairly because they obviously didn’t
know the purpose.

JENNIFER MACEY: Human rights lawyer David Matas says there’s a lot more the
Australian Government could do to help stamp out the practice.

DAVID MATAS: The Government’s could introduce extra-territorial legislation
so that transplant tourism can become a crime, the way now child sex tourism
is a crime,.

ELEANOR HALL: Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas ending that report by
Jennifer Macey.

Posting date: 30/Aug/2008
Original article date: 20/Aug/2008
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