Attendees of American Transplant Congress 2007 Condemn the CCP’s Organ Harvesting from Living Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos)

American Transplant Congress 2007 is being held in San Francisco from May 5
to 9. Many attendees expressed that they learned about the CCP's harvesting
of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners from the organ transplant conference
held in Boston. Many of them signed their names to call for the end of the organ
harvesting in China.

Falun Gong practitioners exposing the CCP's brutality

Dr. Scott Biggins from UCSF introducing the result of his

Doctors signing to support Falun Gong practitioners

Citizens signing to support Falun Gong practitioners

Dr. Scott Biggins from the University of California-San Francisco learned
about the CCP's harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners at an
organ transplant conference held in Boston 2006. He, then, decided to
investigate the organ harvesting by himself.

Dr. Biggins expressed that he has read the investigation report by Mr.
Kilgour and Mr. Matas and he said that it was excellent.

Dr. Biggins' report drew attention

Dr. Biggins conducted an investigation about ethical issues in organ
transplants and wrote a paper based on the investigation.

Dr. Biggins said that some countries and areas have strict moral constraints
on the sources of organs, but some countries do not. More than 3,500 liver
transplants are conducted in China every year, and more than 95% of the livers
are harvested from prisoners, which violates many international medical

Dr. Biggins expressed that he and his collages at UCSF are conducting a
survey, hoping to set up a communication channel in the transplant community and
a high moral standard of the organ sources.

Dr. Biggins introduced that they are sending survey questionnaires to the
professionals in the liver transplant community on internet.

Some people sent the survey back and expressed that the organ transplant in
China is no different than murder.

Dr. Biggins expressed that according to the result of investigation, compared
to the people who didn't see the Falun Gong practitioners' presentation at the
organ transplant conference in Boston 2006, more than twice of those, who did,
expressed that they would not encourage their patients to accept organ
transplants in China.

The results of the investigation shows that almost nobody believes that China
has the ethical standard for organ transplantation. 67% of those surveyed were
against publishing papers written by doctors from countries where immoral organ
harvesting exists. 56% of those surveyed were not willing to train the doctors
from the countries where organ harvesting exists. 86% and 73% of those surveyed
agreed that the US and Europe do have the moral standards for performing organ
transplants respectively, but only 4% agree that China does.

Dr. Biggins concluded: 1) Professionals in the organ transplant community are
concerned about the ethical issues of organ transplants in China. 2) Most people
do not encourage immoral behavior in organ transplantation. 3) Most people are
willing to take care of the patients who had accepted organ transplants in the
countries where immoral organ transplants exist.

Many people listened to Dr. Biggins' speech.

Doctor from New Jersey: Organ transplants in China are horrible

Dr. Lewis from New Jersey said that one of his patients went to China for an
organ transplant five years ago. Before he left, the doctors in China already
found the organ which matched him, and he was told that the organ was from a
prisoner. Dr. Lewis said that it bothers him that China harvests organs from

Dr. Lewis expressed that it is illegal to sell and buy organs in the US, and
all organs are from donors. It usually takes 5~6 years for the patients to
obtain an organ in the US. But in China, the patients don't have wait. What is
horrible is that the doctors in China harvest the organs from living people
after the patients arrive.

Dr. Lewis said that through Falun Gong practitioners' demonstration in Boston
and San Francisco, most attendees of the conference learned about the organ
harvesting in China. He suggested that people should exert pressures on the CCP
to stop it.

Doctor from Massachusetts: I will tell my patients not to accept organ
transplant in China

After listening to Dr. Biggins' speech, a doctor from Massachusetts expressed
that she and her colleges are concerned about this issue and discussed how to
stop it. She said that what they can do now is not to encourage their patients
to go to China and refuse to publish the organ transplant papers by doctors in

She said that she saw Falun Gong practitioners' banners and was shocked. She
said that she would tell her patients not to go to China for organ transplants.

Japanese doctor: I will not take care of patients who had organ transplants
in China

Dr. Tsuneco, a Japanese doctor, said that he will not take care of the
patients who had organ transplants in China, and he will tell his patients not
to go to China for organ transplants.

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Original article date: 8/May/2007
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