Month: April 2005

Noosa News: Letter to Editor

I read with interest your article “Too strong, too real”, on the front page of the Noosa News of Friday, 15 April 2005. Such an art exhibition, and indeed such a terrible persecution of its own people taking place in China today, must stir the hearts and compassion of all concerned locals.

Noosa News (Sunshine Coast Daily): Too strong, too real

Wasn’t the world shocked and in disbelief when it was revealed what Hitler had done to the Jews in World War Two? Similar questions are being asked about the Chinese Government’s treatment of Falun Gong practitioners after last week’s exhibition at the Noosa Library was censored.

Noosa news(QLD): Letter to Editor – FREE TRADE AT A HEAVY PRICE

I applaud the Noosa News for tackling a front-page report, “Too strong, too real”, on the recent Falun Gong Art Exhibition “Uncompromising Courage” and for clarifying the truth of the ongoing persecution against millions of innocent citizens inside Mainland China.

Largest Nationwide Arrest Campaign Since July 1999 Taking Place throughout China

The Chinese Communist Party has been carrying out massive secret arrests across the country, spanning several provinces and many cities, according to numerous sources in China. The arrests are targeting anyone believed to have an affiliation with Falun Gong, and witnesses say that some cities are being controlled under martial law conditions.