Month: February 2004

Coming for You: Chapter 7 – Some Company in Beijing

I wanted to record some video footage of the city streets of Beijing, full of cars and people in their hustle and bustle. If I ever wanted to make a video of this trip I was going to need a lot more footage of China besides the Great Wall.

Coming for You: Chapter 6 – Joel and Zenon

Joel and I had been very careful. We made spontaneous “U” turns and looking over our shoulders, we were fairly confident that neither of us had been followed. We decided to take my car back to downtown Beijing together and go to Joel’s hotel.

Music Video: Coming for You

Crossing over thousands of mountains and millions of rivers, I came for you over and over again
I came because of my love for you. Precious Chinese people, please carefully listen to these words from my heart.

Ancient Dietary Wisdom

A healthy Chinese diet is based on much more than mere nutritional considerations that are so important to diet-conscious Westerners. Food for the Chinese is part of their culture, their heritage, closely linked with medicine and even the arts and politics of the ancients.