Month: November 2003

Brutal Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Harbin City Women’s Prison

A “confinement cell” is about 8 by 8 feet with no windows. There is a wooden plank in the center of the cell surrounded by about 3 feet of floor space. Practitioners are laid on the plank with both hands tied to the rings 24 hour a day. The cells are dark, damp, and bitterly cold. They have to sleep without blankets.

What the Evil Fears Most: Being Exposed

I told them that there was a website that is devoted to collecting the names of those who have committed crimes against Falun Gong in order to expose them and bring them to justice when the time comes. The policemen were surprised to hear.

Defamatory Propaganda Causes Immeasurable Harm to Society

Even after Les Presses Chinoises was sued in 2002 and ordered to stop its defamation, it continued to carry full-length articles from mainland China that demonized Falun Gong. Then, two questions still exist; what kind of role has Les Presses Chinoises played in defaming Falun Gong, and what harm has it brought to the plaintiffs?