Forget Not the Beijing Olympics’ Victims

It is now clear that the Beijing Olympics Games did not help to improve human rights in China. On the contrary, unknown thousands of innocent people have fallen victim to the Beijing Olympics. Knowing that it had the Olympics secured, the Chinese regime not only refused to honor the promise it made to improve human rights when it bid for the 2008 Olympic Games,1 but it used the Olympics’ security as a pretext to apprehend, torture, and murder people who had already suffered prolonged human rights violations in China.

Carrying a Torch for China

U.S. coverage of China has been weak and our policies inconsistent. Terribly so. But it doesn’t render us incapable of doing the right thing. Falun Gong has been getting little press in the torch relay fracas. That’s not surprising. As an indigenous Chinese movement, rather than a separatist one, Falun Gong has taken a neutral position on boycotting the Chinese Olympics, sensing correctly that it has become a matter of Chinese “face” that the Olympics continue.

US reports large-scale arrests of Falun Gong before Beijing Olympics

Chinese security agencies have been conducting large-scale arrests of Falun Gong adherents throughout China in recent months as authorities step up efforts to “stamp out” the practice in advance of the Olympic Games in August, according to the New York Falun Dafa Information Centre (FDI).

CCP Escalating the Persecution of Falun Gong Using the Excuse of Hosting the Olympics (Photos)

Ever since the Olympic Committee granted Communist China the honor of hosting the 2008 Olympics in 2001, the world has been waiting for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to fulfill its promise of improving human rights. Seven years have passed, and the CCP has tried to appear peaceful on the surface, but they are actually concealing human rights persecution in order to deceive the international community.